In the pink …

29/01/2015 § 2 Comments

Pretty things have been happening in the kitchen …

Sometimes patchwork has to be ordered, co-ordinated and requires lots of thought.  Sometimes it just gets thrown together and ends up looking really pretty – like the little cushion pad for the pink chair that was a project from a while ago.   There’s Misty gazing out towards the back door where Flora has been tapping at the window …

Misty's kitchen bed, under the table - in addition to her basket in the lounge and the sofa!

Misty’s kitchen bed, under the table – in addition to her basket in the lounge and the sofa!

Pink accessories have been appearing in the kitchen – life has to be pink!


couldn't resist the little birdies on these storage jars - too pretty to be kept in the cupboard

couldn’t resist the little birdies on these storage jars – too pretty to be kept in the cupboard

playing with white clay and hoping for snow

playing with white clay and hoping for snow

and in the garden …

an alpine garden has been planted up in an old Belfast sink

an alpine garden has been planted up in an old Belfast sink

an alpine garden has been planted up in an old belfast sink

some broken pots, a basket handle and a shell give it some interest – it needs to rain to wash the edges clean though

and Flora, relieved of blogging duties for the day, is taking shelter from the biting wind and frequent showers on the verandah of the toolshed …

well-fed puddleduck!

well-fed puddleduck!

Keep warm and toasty in the winter’s chill.

Adaliza x

Everything in the garden’s muddy and lovely …

23/01/2015 § 5 Comments

Firstly, congratulations to Sooz ‘cos she’s the one I chose to receive the Calendar of Quilts.  I had to choose from a row of grapes and wasn’t really sure what was going on because I ate them all, but it was important which one I chose first apparently – strange creatures, humans!

There’s been a lot of barking up at the house today, and over the past few days.  Usually just after lunch, Belle tells me that a chap in shorts and a brightly coloured top, with a big red bag, marches up to the front door.  He does it just to wake Misty up from her slumbers because no sooner has he walked down the path than he walks back up again. Then Mother Duck the rushes to the front door to collect packages and envelopes.  Sometimes she sighs and mutters but over the past few days she often squeaks with excitement as she opens a package.  Today, Belle tells me that a present from *C* arrived – a beautiful fountain pen.  Lucky Mother Duck!

Everything in my garden’s been in a right old state for 2 days.  This is how it looked yesterday morning …

the back garden, yesterday morning

the back garden, yesterday morning – overgrown with ivy and weeds

then a chap in this arrived

then a chap arrived with this big yellow thing and a load of equipment and tools

and now it's all tidy - see me, on the right?

and now it’s all tidy – see me, on the right having a little sit down?

I had to stay up on the top patio, out of the way of Andy and his team of fellas who worked so hard for 2 days and have transformed the back garden.  It’s nothing to what’s happened out at the front though …

front of house

front of house

look at how full that skip is!

look at how full that skip is!

they used over 2 bags of pea shingle

they used over 2 bags of pea shingle

and now it looks like this!

and now it looks like this!


~~~ *** ~~~ WOW ~~~ *** ~~~

It’s all been very exciting and lots of Mother Duck’s friends have been around to say hello to me – and probably to see the garden too! J1 (my big brother duck) turned up with his enormous boots and I think there are lots more plans in Mother Duck’s head about what he can help with in the garden. I expect I’ll have to move ‘sharpish’ if he’s coming in my direction!

MD fairly squeaked with excitement yesterday afternoon, after the fellas had left.  She was down by the old apple tree where one of Storm’s horseshoe’s always hangs and you’ll never guess – there’s MISTLETOE growing in the apple tree!!!!!

“Mistletoe was once strongly associated with luck – and many of the older traditions and legends can be interpreted as suggesting it has some sort of protective role. The popular kissing custom has, today, rather eclipsed many of these older traditions – but 100 years ago more customs may have still thrived. The location of the fighting in northern France and Belgium may have helped as French-speaking areas, even today, still hold on to the custom of mistletoe for luck – a ‘Porte Bonheur’.” Jonathon’s Mistletoe Diary

We’re all hoping that 2015 will be a good year – for the garden, for our family of ducks and for collie dogs!

Have a lovely weekend.


Flora Puddleduck   x


Calendar Giveaway …

12/01/2015 § 8 Comments

I’ve just popped in to let you know about a giveway – no particular reason, it’s Monday, it’s January – and I have a spare calendar!  I guess also a Thank You for being out there in the blogland and staying in touch.

Adaliza Patchwork Quilts 2015 desk calendar

Adaliza Patchwork Quilts 2015 desk calendar

Adaliza Patchwork Quilts
2015 desk calendar
***** GIVEAWAY  *****

Every month has a photo of my patchwork quilts from last year – you can see most of them in various past posts – Siesta, Love Nest, Luxor, Summer Meadow and Coast – to name but a few.  All my own photos of quilts, taken on location by the sea, in holiday houses and here at home.

Open to all followers – so to enter ::   follow along, if you’re not already following and leave a comment on this post.  Open to readers worldwide.  Closing date Saturday 17 January 2015 – midday GMT.

Happy Monday!

Adaliza x

Busy Sunday …

11/01/2015 § 1 Comment

Mother Duck has been busy all day today.  She popped down to open up my little duck-house this morning then later on this afternoon, I was cuddled (not all that willingly) and fed a little treat of mealworms sprinkled on my water bowl (I gobbled those up very willingly), and then she was off again with a can of spray paint in her paws.  Or is it just Belle and Misty who have paws?  I get a bit confused about these things sometimes!

Here’s what she’s been up to today …

Another brass lamp that's been given the spray paint treatment

30 year old brass lamp that’s been spray painted to match the new kitchen table lamp


Now there are 2 cherry red lamps in the kitchen – yay!


A lantern full of silver birch logs, beads and fairy lights

A lantern full of silver birch logs, moss, beads and fairy lights – spot the little bunny?

Here it is all lit up and sparkly …



And Mother Duck has also been playing with some beads …

mini hama bead house

mini hama bead house  –  you’d never believe how long this took – pure crafty therapy

And her vintage sewing needle case and thimble have also made an appearance ....

And her vintage sewing needle case and thimble have also made an appearance ….

but I’m not sure what she’s been sewing yet.  Belle said she spent an hour or so doing some patchwork upstairs in her sewing studio so watch this space.

Belle and Misty have been really tired this afternoon since they returned from a long walk up at St Catherine’s Hill, near Winchester.  Misty said it was a really steep walk up to the top and Belle says she had to pull Mother Duck all the way up!  Apparently the views from up there are awesome and then Mother Duck and son J1 walked back to Winchester where the collies were treated to some nibbles from their brunch at Maison Blanc in the High Street.  Lucky collies!

Awesome view of Winchester from St Catherine's Hill

Awesome view of Winchester from St Catherine’s Hill

It’s definitely been a busy day up at the house and now that it’s just getting dark, I’m all tucked up in my duck-house, with my evening meal of chopped grapes, mealworms and chicken feed – yum, yum!

Quackers for now …


Flora Puddleduck x

A festival of light and love …

09/01/2015 § 5 Comments

Hello – I’m popping by
to relieve Flora of blogging duties for the day!

I’ve loved hearing from so many of you, via comments and emails, that you like hearing from Flora – she really is a remarkable little Puddleduck and has found her quacky blogging voice as well as her way around the keyboard with ease!  I’ve been very happy to hand over to her.

However, today I thought I’d pop by to say Thank You and Hello and to let you in on something that I’ve been working on.  Blame the Interior Design Challenge back numbers that I found on an obscure TV channel just before Christmas.  My daughter *C* has banned me from watching future episodes!  I just loved the way the designrs attacked everything with glue and staple guns and transformed mundane pieces of furniture and lights along the way.  My first ventures were the 2 chairs – the little Ercol rocker and the French style chair with subsequently reupholstered footstool …

Ercol rocking chair and revamped French-style chair and footstool

Ercol rocking chair and revamped French-style chair and footstool

Then the lamps followed, as Flora has already shared with you in her previous post.  Whether my motto for the year ‘Onwards and Upwards – I’m heading for the light’ is already having a great influence on my life I’m not sure, but suffice to say that light fittings and lamps have been quaking at my approach!

The kitchen light was definitely due for the ‘treatment’.  In the kitchen itself, 3 spotlights are usefully angled towards the worktops and breakfast bar but over the dining table,  a large ikea pendant gondola light has been hanging like a spaceship, for the past 10 years.  I decided to do something unadventurous with the light fitting itself – I just removed a huge glass oval spaceship dome and left the gondola looking rather bare and far too bright when lit up (I’m a great fan of soft, subtle lighting).  As I strolled around town one day before Christmas, I’d stopped to admire and take a snap of a window display in a dress shop …

Christmas window display

Christmas window display

Wow – ideas started popping into my head and THEN … shortly after Christmas, I was passing down the High Street once again and it was being dismantled!  The lovely window dresser promised me the wave frames, and I merrily marched through Winchester with my trophy – gathering some very strange looks along the way!

I didn’t want ribbons, and one set of 3 frames was hastily resprayed in cherry red (to match that new kitchen lamp)!  Then, thanks to another window display of beads and crystal trims from about 6 years ago, that’s been boxed up and awaiting a bright idea, I set to work.  I ran up a bit of bunting – as you do; threaded tiny baubles and hearts; invested in wire cutters and rawl plugs, screws and glue sticks and off I went.  It took quite a few days but here’s the result and I love it.  I’ve called it …

The Festival of Light and Love ceiling light!







It’s so incredibly pretty – sort of whimsical and enchanted and it sparkles all day long even when the light isn’t on as it reflects light from the little lamps and fairy lights that adorn various tables and shelves.

Do you like it?  I’m just about to switch on the kitchen lights now, as dusk falls and Flora’s supper needs to be prepared.  She’ll be back to blog for you very soon.

Lots of love

Adaliza x

Heading for the light …

07/01/2015 § 3 Comments

Mother Duck has been on a mission to update some of the lamps and lights.  There’s been lots of activity in the kitchen around the ceiling light but I don’t think it’s quite finished yet.  Belle tells me that all the lamps have been moved around indoors and new lampshades seem to have appeared but knowing Mother Duck as I do, I suspect she’s been busy reworking them.  Here’s a sneaky peek …

glam up the kitchen

glam up the kitchen

I heard Mother Duck telling her friend about this lamp – it was brass and cost £2!  Then she spray painted the lamp base and found a bargain silk shade in town.  She’s added dangly, sparkly crystals and some cherry red velvet ric-rac braid to bring it all together.  Looks pretty good alongside her very own Adaliza Patchwork Quilts calendar and a spray painted brass horse.  Nice touch, MD!

Recovered shade - linen with horses

Recovered shade – linen with horses

Now that’s a classy lampshade if ever I saw one (and I can just see it if I stand on tippy webbed feet and stretch my neck up to peek into the lounge).  The old shade was a dull, cream colour and now it looks a million dollars – well done MD.

And finally …

Kaffe Fassett fabric

Kaffe Fassett fabric

Well, that is stunning.  What amazing fabric.  I’d quite like a little lamp like that in my duck-house.  I wonder whether, if I quack nicely, she’ll make me one?

Mother Duck says she might pop in to say hello over here, tomorrow.  Maybe that new kitchen light fitting that she’s been working so hard on creating will be ready for photographs.

In the meantime – have a quiet, quacky Thursday.

Flora Puddleduck x

I’m not sure

03/01/2015 § Leave a comment

what’s happening indoors today, but Mother Duck appears to be on a bit of a mission.  She was all about early this morning, in her wellies in the rain and flurried through giving my little duck-house it’s morning clean.  I’ll have a word with Belle later to see what she’s been up to and whether we
can get some photos of her latest projects!

SONY DSCFlora Puddleduck x



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