First finished quilt of 2016

05/02/2016 § 7 Comments

For a baby girl, born on 23 January 2016 and named Isla …



The quilt was commissioned by her grandparents and tells a story.  With Balinese fabric included as her parents first met whilst on holiday in Bali, little houses as Daddy is an architect, I Love London because that’s where the family live and where little Isla was born and the bumble bees – well that’s another story but they’re a significant choice for her quilt!


It’s a quilt that will grow with her – perfect for her first bed.


and this morning, it looked a treat hanging up for a photoshoot on the new ‘design wall’ in my studio…


Have a good weekend everyone

Adaliza x

I’m linking up with and popping over to Finish it up Friday to see what everyone else has been creating too!

January 2016

31/01/2016 § 2 Comments

January 2016

A brief pop-in visit to share a few photos of my new studio, new kitchen – which is a joy to use, a son’s new career and Trevor-the-builder up on top of the roof with Action Man (see left of photo)!

Action Man was placed on the roof last September and has been up there through storms and gales – he’s a warrior!

Will pop back next month with a mosaic and hope to resume tales of patchwork, home, garden, collies and Flora Puddleduck a bit later on in Springtime.


Adaliza x

Time …

16/01/2016 § 8 Comments

Time out, taking time, making time, time for me, time for making, time to reflect and time to make plans.

Time passes …

I’m choosing Time Out.

I’ve got a bug that means I’m feeling several degrees below average.  It’s doing the rounds and several of my friends have it/have had it.  In a few days’ time, I hope to be back to my usual self again – pottering around, sorting out, maybe some decorating, walking the collies, enjoying time with my children as they come and go.

But, I think I may need more time away from here, so my little space in blog land is being tucked away until sunnier days.

Adaliza x

Gathering energy

11/01/2016 § 2 Comments

Winter walks, sheepskin rugs, cushions, daffodils, dozy collies, quacky duck, building works, sorting out.

The house is slowly coming together but I’m not able to fit in much quilting – yet!

My motto for 2016 comes right back to me, to the very heart of me, Be Positive
(it’s flowing through my veins B+)!





Time to take it easy and be thankful for the everyday moments with family & friends.

Stay warm!

Adaliza x

Best wishes for the New Year

31/12/2015 § Leave a comment

I’m not going to do a full round up of 2015 – I’ve made quilts, made commission quilts, been out and about to new venues, built a new studio, renovated our home and landscaped the garden!  The renovation works are still underway but not for too much longer.

My motto for 2015 ‘Onwards and upwards – I’m heading for the light’ was appropriate for the whole year and I mentally revisited it quite regularly.

I’m yet to decide on 2016’s motto – but I am making a New Year Resolution (which is something I never usually do).  Having moved what seems like a ton of fabric and sorted out a ton more …

“I’m not going to buy any fabric for the first 6 months of 2016”
(unless a quilt order specifically requires something that I don’t have)

There … it’s in print so I’ll have to stick to it!

I’m going to start the year with a bloggy photoshoot of the newly renovated rooms (or most of them) and I may start tomorrow with my new studio.

Best wishes to all my family, friends, readers and customers
~~~ Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy 2016 ~~~

Adaliza x


Birthday catch-up

26/12/2015 § 4 Comments













Earlier on in December, the boys and I journeyed west to celebrate Dad’s 90th birthday.  I’d organised a tea party in a local hotel and invited his younger brother, my cousins and then all we had to do was turn up.  I almost had a proper Mary Poppins moment with those balloons – it was blowing a gale when I collected them and with them all stuffed into a huge plastic bag, I really did almost take off!  C, my daughter, had the dreaded lurgy and was really disappointed to miss the party.

The cake was baked in my old kitchen and iced as the kitchen was dismantled around me (to make way for the new kitchen, before Christmas). There were party bags and cakes galore, stories and memories to be treasured for ever.  I’m going to make a photo book for Dad, as a reminder of his special day.

Here’s a sneaky peek at my new kitchen – grouting, cupboard door painting, pipes to be boxed in and a whole lot of sorting out and decorating still to do – ah well, got to keep busy!


Happy Days and Happy Birthday Memories

Adaliza x

Merry Christmas

24/12/2015 § 3 Comments




all is calm and all is bright.

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas.

Adaliza x

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