19 December Kit

Handbag Wallet Kit


I hope you enjoy making a little wallet to keep in your handbag.  I keep teabags in mine – it’s the perfect size – but may also be used for plastic cards, tissues or any of those essentials we all carry around with us!


1 x Wallet main fabric (birds)
1 x Wallet lining (red gingham)
2 x pockets – 1 green, 1 red gingham
Ribbon for bow


Take red gingham pocket and green pocket and press both in half lengthways then topstitch along folded edge


Lay lining (red gingham) right side up and then place green pocket 1″ from bottom edge. Stitch a narrow seam along the bottom raw edges of green wallet.



Place red gingham pocket on top of green pocket, lining up the edges with the bottom edge of the lining fabric.  Make a few stitches within the seam allowance, to attach the pockets to the lining fabric.  This will make sure the edges stay in place when you put the wallet together.

Press in half and stitch a seam down the centre line so the wallet folds in half more easily.


Cut the ribbon in half (if it’s in one continuous piece) and place just above bottom pocket.  Repeat for other side.  Leave a small tail outside, to make sure it’s caught in the seam when you stitch around in the next step.



Place the wallet main fabric right side down on top of pockets (so they’re right sides together), and stitch all around, leaving a small gap at the top for turning.


When you’ve stitched around, clip the corners carefully and then turn the wallet inside out and press.  Hand stitch the small gap in the seam then finish with the narrow row of top stitching all around.


Isn’t that sweet – hope you enjoy making it!  Ta dah …


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