Hello world …

20/01/2011 § Leave a comment

Welcome to this new feature that will soon become part of our main Adaliza website.  I’m tucked up on the sofa with a collie under my arm.  It’s quite difficult to get text onto screen when a black spotty nose keeps resting on the keyboard demanding fuss!

However, now I’m up and running I shall make a few trial posts over the next few days and practice new skills and hopefully photos of my latest creations from The Sewing Room.

Last week ended with a trip to Wales and a rummage through the remnant boxes at some of my favourite woollen mills.  The colours, the feel of the wools – my family laugh at my enthusiasm over these scraps that will soon be woven and appliqued onto cushions, teacosies and other goodies.

It rained, naturally, although on Saturday we did steal half an hour of dry, bracing seaside air to visit one of my favourite beaches in Pembrokeshire.  Trefin is just a stone’s throw from my grandfather’s home and I love it there.  One of the boys had to, as ever, carry a stone up from the beach for my patio collection.  I swear these stones can predict the weather.  When it’s going to rain they gloss over and darken like a brooding sky.  Maybe the salt on them soaks up water in the atmosphere, but whatever the explanation, I love my Pembrokeshire stones on the doorstep.

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