The great wool revival

22/01/2011 § 1 Comment

I love wool.  I always have.  My first memory of visiting a traditional woollen mill was on one of our visits to Cardiganshire when I was quite young.  I loved the countryside, the dream of having my own pony, our cottage and the freezing nights when I would snuggle up in my cosy little bed under a warm, heavy blanket.

We used to visit a local mill quite frequently and my parents bought me a wonderful blue and pink tapestry blanket for my cottage bedroom.  I still have it, just as it was when it was new and that isn’t because it hasn’t been used.  On the contrary, it’s been used ever since! Maybe that warmth and the association with home comfort triggered my fascination with pure wool – who knows?

Here are some of the bits I bought a couple of weeks ago in Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire stacked up ready for sewing, along with one of my favourite blankets (I have quite a collection these days) and my cute little wool bag …

A woollen tapestry blanket, bag and remnants in the study

One of my favourite tapestry blankets, my cute little wool bag and some offcuts ready for sewing!

Under the stove are a few of my stones from Trefin beach and little Penny, the rather battered Sealyham, who was in service for many years as my favourite aunt’s doorstop!

Close-up of red wool

Wonderful, cosy red wool from Pembrokeshire

How amazing that all of this comes from sheep!

There’s a great revival, or so I read in the trendy country-lifestyle mags, all about wool.  I couldn’t agree more – it’s fabulous, but lets not forget that some of us have been using it, and loving it, for years and years.

Mum's knitted bag and my old cardi

Mum's knitted bag and my old cardi

I used to buy wool on skeins from the woollen mills when I was a teenager.  I knitted this cardi about 35 years ago!  I wore it for ages and then gave it to my Mum.  Now I have it back as a reminder of my youth and her favourite colour.  I made her the bag a few years ago and she used it every day.  I shall use it again too – wool should live on through the generations – to me it means home, warmth, comfort and happy memories.

§ One Response to The great wool revival

  • Angie Evans says:

    I have the same red welsh blanket and one in green too ! Agree with your comments about wool . All the older generation seemed to have knitting on the go when
    I was a young girl in the rhondda valley


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