Photo shoot

24/01/2011 § Leave a comment

Daisy the camper van cushion

Daisy is looking forward to Seaside & Sunshine! Cushion base is pink/white candy-striped cotton.

The sun may not have broken through to greet the new week yet, but January has only a week or so to go and many friends are busy planning their summer hols.

How about a retro trip in a vintage camper van?  Just think of the freedom, trundling along the open road and then brewing up by the seaside after a long day at the beach.

Bluebell the camper van cushion

Bluebell is very special. She's created from vintage blue wool and mounted on a deep red wool panel.

We had a camper van for one summer, many years ago.  Ah – the romance of pushing the beast around Brittany.  She certainly wasn’t called Bluebell or Daisy at the time! The dream was of warm sunsets, cool wine, happy children and the long, lazy days of summer.  My experience was somewhat different  – sand everywhere, rain dripping through the awning, every essential item buried deep in illogical hiding places, but never say never … I’d like to live the dream again sometime.

In the meantime, why not cuddle up to a cosy cushion and carry on dreaming …

Bluebell the camper van - detail

Bluebell has daisy headlights and tweed tyres!

Daisy the camper van in detail

Daisy the camper van in detail, looking forward to seaside & sunshine!


Don’t be put off – ours was a very, very old version of this design classic.


The latest camper van cushions are in the gallery on the website –

or you can email if you’d like one of them


There are other camper vans ‘in creation’ including Blossom (orange of course), and Buttercup (go on – guess her colour)!




There will be lots and lots of photos to see this week, following today’s photo shoot, so pop back to see more designs and cushions every day.


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