Little Homes for sale

25/01/2011 § Leave a comment

These boards always seem to appear, like a rash over our surburban roads and at the road-end of rural tracks, at this time of year.

Moving home is high on the list of times in your life when your stress levels are likely to exceed what’s good for you.I can’t imagine the sorting and packing that would be involved in any type of relocation.  I stomp about when I’m moving just my sewing room back and forth from the summerhouse to a ‘supposedly’ spare bedroom, as the seasons change.

I think I’ve found the perfect solution though …

Stay in your home, move some furniture and drapes around a bit and treat yourself to your dream cottage too.

Detail of knitted home - on a cushion

This is a perfect little home – warm and cosy and decorated with love.

This is the detail of one of my ‘Little Home’ cushions.  The roof is knitted from hand-dyed and spun wool and the door and window details are all hand-sewn.

These have proved to be my most popular ‘make’ over the years.  A few customers collect them and others have them customised with the name of their dream cottage.

Just like in a real home, it takes me a long time to choose the colours and sometimes even longer to give the home a name!

Here are a few more …

Little home cushion

Little Home Cushion with cornflower blue and warm coral wool  £25 + p&p

Live, Love, Laugh hand-made cushion

Live, Love, Laugh – what everyone should do at home!  £25 + p&p

Meadow Cottage Cushion

Meadow Cottage – dreamy blues and mauves – perfect! £25 + p&p

So whether you’re packing up ready for a move or have already decided to put the kettle on and stay put, you can still have the Little Home of your dreams!



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