What’s in a pattern?

31/01/2011 § Leave a comment

A pattern, from the French ‘patron’, is a theme of recurring images, events or objects and most of us are surrounded by patterns in our everyday lives.  The tiles in the bathroom are probably in a pattern, even if the tiles themselves are plain.  The bricks in our houses, the designs on our plates, our clothes – I’ve just looked around me and have stopped counting at 100 patterns!  Admittedly I’m in my sewing room and have loads of fabrics – paisley patterns, woven patterns, spotty patterns, tiny patterns, nordic patterns, stripes and florals – all about, and despite the plain colours I’m wearing at the moment, my knitted cardi has a pattern in the stitches!

I bought a sewing pattern the other day and can’t describe the feeling as I opened it up and withdrew the printed tissue paper … PURE NOSTALGIA …

Teddy bear sewing pattern

A well-loved teddy bear pattern!

I usually cut my own paper patterns for the cushions and teacosies that I make.  I haven’t used a sewing pattern for years, but I couldn’t resist this little chap as I rummaged through a charity tub at the weekend.  The previous owner had only cut out his waistcoat, so I painstakingly cut out the tissue for the little bear and am looking forward to a free couple of hours (I wish) to choose his cloth and get to work.

Shall I make him in plain cloth and create a traditional little bear, or shall I make a patterned bear?  Who’s he for – well me of course – unless my daughter fancies him and takes him to live with her!

Take a few minutes to count how many patterns you can see from where you’re sitting.

I was just about to take a snap of my groaning shelf of fabrics, but the camera’s out of battery, so I’ll call it a day!  Time to do some cutting-out maybe?



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