Grey day or Grade A?

06/02/2011 § Leave a comment

Do you ever have those conversations when talking about entirely different things?  We had one today – “It’s a grey day” – or “It’s a Grade A” – I didn’t have a clue what he was on about!  It has been a grey day – we decided that the sky could truly be described as grey and leaden.  There was a some moisture in the air but not sufficient to warrant a good waterproof hat, just one that minimised the risk of frizzy hair!

A perfect day for doing a bit of sewing …

Stack of fabrics - just waiting!









Now here are some possible contenders for the next project – but what will it be?

Which one will feel just right and fit my mood?











The grey herringbone, even though the least colourful of the stack, just felt as though it was today’s project-in-waiting.

I love all the special bits and bobs around my sewing desk – here are a few …

Beads Aunt B's old tea caddy Sewing Reels Pins and Sparkles

An ex-window display of beads – so tempting!  Aunt B’s old tea caddy – I used to love having tea and cakes with her.  My egg basket full of reels and finally pin cushions galore along with sparkly beads and old lace!  I love long pins with pretty coloured pinheads.  Some of mine have flowers and hearts on them and they’re LONG – perfect for layers of wool.

I had a project in mind, so sketched it out and then set about cutting a pattern.  I reuse fairly firm plastic bags for patterns.  At least they’re being recycled!  My cushions are sealed in these when I buy them, and I find they can be reused time after time and although they’re a bit slippery, a handful of pins usually does the trick!

Inside out project!

Well, what do you know?  The grey, leaden herringbone when teamed up with a jaunty candy stripe took on a new lease of life!

T’rar rarrrrrrr (difficult to do a drum-roll in text) …

Is it a bird, is it a plane …

Grey herringbone tweed bag
No ……. T’rrrrrr   …  It’s a bag!

Inside the bag Mirror clasp Inside the bag - again!

So – a grey day and a Grade A bag!

It’s tricky taking photos of the inside of a bag but this one has a pocket for my mobile, two padded pockets for notebooks and a clip so I don’t lose my keys – again!  The amazing mirrored flower was chopped and has been recycled from one of my daughter’s cast-off necklaces and I’m feeling really pleased!  I shall take this one to work tomorrow to see what my friends think!  Just time to cut another one out tonight …


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