Beef and ale casserole and dumplings …

28/02/2011 § Leave a comment

It had been raining for most of the day;  it had been chilly; the collies had been splashing in the muddy puddles in the New Forest and the whole house seemed to smell of wet dog.  So there are my excuses for making yesterday’s beef and ale casserole and then adding dumplings!

And here’s the result …

Beer & ale casserole with dumplings!It was really, really yummy.  Jamie O’s dumplings were super and a dollop of mash and a generous serving of savoy cabbage completed a winter’s day treat.  It lasted for today as well and tasted even better!

I don’t know what the golden syrup tin is doing there in the background.  I don’t use syrup very often but it must have survived on the breakfast bar since before our trip to Cornwall when the children were home.  I do love the tins though, and hate to shut them up in the cupboard.  I use treacle tins as pen holders – all over the house!  Here’s another novel use too …

Flowers on the kitchen tableA couple of empty tins, well washed and stored away for a rainy day.  Then along came a bunch of vibrant anemones, a few sprigs of garden forsythia and spring daffs and we immediately have a colourful dinner table …

Spring flowers on the kitchen table

Just a few candles, a couple of plates and a scrumptious warming dinner to complete the transition from Winter into Spring!


PS   just drop a line if you want the recipe for the casserole – it’s a real favourite with our family!

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