Not a very brave collie!

08/03/2011 § Leave a comment

Those were the words the vet used to describe our youngest!  Bluebell had been digging in the garden since very early this morning.  When she banged on the door, following her morning survey of the boundary, her feet and front legs were covered in mud, shortly followed by the kitchen floor.  Then, when I arrived home for dinner, I found that much huffing and puffing had been going on, as the floors had been cleaned (by himself) of not just mud but blood too.  She must have just caught the side of her paw on a sharp piece of flint or maybe a sliver of glass.  I bandaged it up but when I came home later on, a dried bloody bandage and a very unhappy little collie greeted me (on 3 legs and very sorry for herself).

We took a trip to the vet for some antibiotics and to make sure that the cut was clean.  After much squeaking and whimpering and clambering attempts to get onto her Daddy’s lap, we left the surgery with a lilac and blue spotted bandage and a very traumatised hop-a-long collie!  The vet’s words ringing in our ears “She’s not a very brave collie, is she?”

At home now, with nibbles of chicken to help down the penicillin and all tucked up on the spare bed next to me in the study, she’s dozing – with her tail still tucked firmly between her legs!

Poorly Paw

Well kids – at least your bed is being kept warm for you!



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