Green – the colour of nature

09/03/2011 § Leave a comment

Green is the colour of nature, of life. Green signifies growth, renewal, and care for the environment. On the other hand, green has some less positive connotations.  Green is for envy and jealousy (the green-eyed monster) and sometimes for being young and inexperienced (a green horse, greenhorn).
We find green everywhere, in our homes and outside wherever we go.  Even though we may avoid decorating with it, green is found in every vase of flowers, every houseplant, every weed and almost every floral print.  Some people will never wear green “It’s the fairies colour”, I was told as a child.  Some believe it brings good luck, and some believe it brings bad luck.
“Blue and green shall not be seen, unless there’s something in between” – now where did that come from?
“Green and blue are not for you” – another strange one!
“The grass is always greener on the other side” – well that’s certainly true on occasions.
“Get the green light” – much better than a red light!
“Green around the gills” – like I felt last week, very accurate description.

There are so many shades and names too – zingy fresh lime green; grass green; olive green for camouflage and classy front doors; emerald for the Emerald Isle; sea green for the undersides of waves; and so many shades named after whole countries – Persia, Pakistan and Indian as well as Sacramento State Green!

Now there’s a particular shade of green that is doesn’t appear to have a name.  It’s sort of smokey, very subtle, almost like cedar trees and vintage china.  Do you know the shade I mean?  I was thinking about this the other day, and made a mental note of all the places where I found it in our home.  I went looking again, camera in hand …
Antelope family
Here’s the antelope family that I was given last year.  This is the unusual green colour that I love.  See how well they are camouflaged against the curtains in my sewing room …
Hollyhock curtains
My favourite hollyhock curtains.  I bought this material over 20 years ago, and only made the curtains up last year!
green mermaid
little piper boy bookend

My wonderful silver mermaid bowl and the battered wooden bookends that I rescued from a skip!

green rosebud print
And finally, here’s the colour again on a more modern print, just about to appear on a teacosy!
I still don’t know what the colour is actually called.  I have some vintage cups and saucers and different sized teapots all in this subtle hue. So  I think I’ll call it 1950’s green – retro, vintage and homely.

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