Teddy Bears Picnic

17/03/2011 § Leave a comment

Do you remember the Teddy Bear pattern that I bought in a charity shop a few weeks ago?  Well, it ‘s taken me a while to get around to choosing the fabric and getting to grips with the pattern – and then …

Teddy Bear's Picnic

I found that I just loved making little bears!

I’ve mostly been using the good bits of old embroidered linen tray and tea cloths.  It’s lovely to see these well-folded, and in some cases, well-loved, linens breath again.  Hopefully the bears will live on a dressing table or pillow so the stitches and wonderful colours can be enjoyed again.  The green and apple blossom bear is an exception, but I just love this fabric!  Each little bear has his (or her) own individual character, despite being made from the same pattern.  I’ll have to give them names now.  What do you think for this one?

Cream linen teddy bear

and this one?

Vintage Springtime cotton teddy bear

He (above picture) didn’t make it into the photo of all the bears.  He must have been picking his posy of flowers or hiding in the buttercups!

Bear back

Now come along – don’t be shy …

Happy little bearThat’s perfect!  Sit up straight and hold tight to your posy of flowers.  Straighten up your ribbon and all of you now …


Teddy bears on parade!

Come along to Winchester on Sunday to meet the bears at the Art & Design Market this weekend.  Remember to say ‘Hello’!




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