In the pink!

22/03/2011 § Leave a comment

Pinks are taking over – in the garden at least!  A few weeks ago in Cornwall, the winter-flowering cherry trees were already in bloom.

We spent a lovely hour or so by the boating lake in Helston, watching the birds being fed against a backdrop of wondrous spring pink blossom.  The swans were particularly hungry, or at least very determined to be at the front of the queue!  One flapped and flapped to achieve take off, only to do a splash-landing almost immediately as an elderly lady approached with a bag of food! Swans are so beautiful, so large and ungainly in transition between flight and water, yet so graceful with wings arched and S-like heads against their backs as they glide on the water.

The day was too dull for photographs, and as I wandered around the town a little later I regretted not managing to capture a memento our walk.

Then I spied a pink swan to take home with me!

pink pottery swan

In just the pose that the real swans had adopted as they vied for the best feeding position alongside the lake this was sitting in a charity shop just waiting for me to walk past!  A perfect piece of pottery that will always take me back to Helson lake in February underneath the pink blossom trees!  I keep it alongside my sewing machine, to hold the bobbins!

Our cherry tree at home is now in full bloom, a present from the children’s aunt many years ago to mark their Christening.

cherry blossom tree

cherry tree in full bloomAnd finally, from walks in the park, to garden trees and ending up in my sewing room with some pink blooms, patchwork and a pink swan!

pink patchwork cushion

Do you have things that take you to faraway places?


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