Where did I put my bag?

26/03/2011 § 2 Comments

Go on … I’m not the only one who charges around the house – as others wait, pretending to be patient – while I search under coats, behind doors and on chairs – to find that elusive necessity – my handbag!

Having made several handbags a few weeks ago, and having sold them all, bar 2 which remain safely tucked up awaiting my next show,  I explored my stash of wools in the week, but felt drawn to some linen that I bought in Bath a while ago.  What about linen handbags for the sunnier days of spring and summer?  What could I use with the linen to give the bags a personal touch?  As I looked around my fabric store, I happened upon some of my favourites at the moment, the hand-embroidered pieces.  Many stained and having lived for decades, I suspect, in long-forgotten airing cupboards,  I love reusing the best bits and have included pieces on teacosies and the romantic vintage brooches over the past few months.  This is what I love about creating and making – what do I feel like making, which fabrics are appealing to me on a particular day, what will I do with them?

What do you think of these?

'Carnation' Handbag

'Cherie' handbag

'Melanie' handbag

They are the same design as my wool bags, tweaked in places to fit a piece of embroidery.  So many of you raved over them last Sunday in Winchester and I think that I’ve discovered the secret of successful design.  I designed a bag for me.

I wanted a bag that would fit snugly over my shoulder as well as over my arm; a secure bag – with a magnetic clasp; a clip for my keys which are always getting lost; a pocket so my pens would stand up; a pocket for a notebook – an absolute necessity;  a pocket for my mobile phone – another absolute necessity; a bag that would stand up on its own and finally a bag that would expand to fit the bits and bobs that I always end up with, when I’ve only popped out to buy some stamps!  Now, this isn’t a shopping bag so it won’t hold cartons of milk and bags of sugar – at least it’s not been designed for those, but it will hold the odd irresistible ball of wool or a small piece of vintage china from a charity shop!  And …

'Carnation' inside the handbag

Apple Blossom print inside 'Melanie' handbag

Inside 'Cherie' handbag

it has to be deliciously pretty inside!

A bag should have an identity and make you feel good whenever you pick it up and open it. That’s why I’ve given them all names!

So next time I can’t find my bag, I’ll be saying ‘Where’s Melanie … or Cherie … or Carnation?’ Which will undoubtedly lead to much confusion for those waiting outside, ever so patiently!  I haven’t decided which one to keep yet, so I don’t know quite who I’ll be looking for either!

Back to the sewing room …



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