Mother’s Day minus the children

03/04/2011 § Leave a comment

This is a first – purely by accident, as we’ve seen most of our brood over the last week or so.  We hear from them almost every day, but today they were all busy getting on with their lives and I’m genuinely pleased that these confident, independent people have emerged from the nest that we built together so many years ago.

It’s been lovely to hear from them all, via wonderful cards, text messages and phone calls and a beautiful basket of Spring bulbs that was delivered this morning.

Spring bulbs & gingerbread


I made some gingerbread this afternoon, as you can see!  Same recipe as ever, but today’s just kept on rising and rising.  Must admit that I don’t always weigh and measure everything, but if this is the result then I think I’ll carry on guessing!!  I usually bake a cake at the weekend and sometimes it lasts for a whole week – unless the brood pop along.  Tomorrow, this will be delivered to our son who is working hard in his final year at university – to keep him going for a couple of days!

Red TulipsAnd these were planted on a warm Autumn day last year.  I’ve watched them poking through the snow and frost, tender green at first, then shooting up and producing fat buds.  Today they’re in full bloom leaning into the warm sunshine.  A reminder that life goes on through the dark days of winter, and beauty lives on, to bloom each Spring.

Today is another first for Mother’s Day too – the first year that I haven’t been able to send a card or flowers.   I remember her every day, but today I hope she’s looking down and seeing what a wonderful job she did, in passing on so much love to her family, who loved her so much.



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