Red Kite days …

16/04/2011 § Leave a comment

Red Kite in Rhydlewis

We all have them, special days that are etched indelibly into our memory – wedding day, birth of our children, moving house.  But some days we remember, just for bringing simple pleasures.

When I returned home on Saturday last, from the Alton Craft Market, I so enjoyed my cup of tea and slice of home-made cake.  I sat out on the patio in the warm sunshine, my cuppa arrived in my favourite mug, and as we sat and chatted together a red kite soared above the farm in the distance.  I had to fetch the binoculars to check it wasn’t a buzzard, but that massive wing span and distinctive forked tail confirmed it was indeed a kite.

They always remind me of my home in Wales, where a pair have been nesting in the neighbouring farm for many years.  On summer evenings they fly low, lower than the hedgeline and at other times they soar high above the cottage garden, twisting with effortless grace as their tails bear to right and left.  They are almost daily visitors, but here in Winchester, it was a first – the first view of a red kite from our patio.

If you’ve never seen a Red Kite, then Wales is the place to go.  They are becoming a more familiar sight here in Hampshire – I’ve seen them near Stockbridge and Alresford.   But, just look at these photos that I took in Wales a couple of days ago from the garden …

Red Kite over Rhydlewis

Red Kite & crows

Red Kite against a rainy sky

Wales was wonderful and I love to see the Red Kites – I really do need that zoom lens though!  My home is in Ceredigion, but we visited Pembrokeshire to see where our forebears lived and worked.  Here are just a couple of photos of the countryside that surrounded us …

Approaching Newcastle Emlyn

View over the valley towards Twrgwyn Chapel

New Quay

Lambs in the fields, clear wide skies and beautiful beaches.  You’ll have to pop back to see the wild ponies on the moor above Cwm Gwaun and the magical little church in Llechryd where they keep a coracle just inside – in case there are floods during a service!

Don’t forget to visit Winchester Art and Design Fair this Sunday.  Here’s hoping for a lovely day!


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