Spring cleaning …

18/04/2011 § Leave a comment

It’s more turning out than cleaning at the moment.  I’ve embarked upon a major project – the reclamation of my summerhouse sewing room.  It’s been a wonderfully warm day here in Winchester, with wall-to-wall sunshine and just right for drying on the line.

drying day - fresh fabrics handing out to dry!

I found so many pieces of fabrics that I’d long forgotten!  So a quick freshen up in the machine, and then out to dry in the garden, in the sunshine.

Vibrant vintage fabric

Gold Leaves

Sanderson 'Cilla' - Violets and Easter RosesClassic Sanderson flowers

Aren’t they pretty? They’ve been safely stashed away ‘cos I’m not sure what to make with them!  The Cilla print will always remind me of a very special, very British, very elderly relation of my mothers – they were her curtains and she told me that she bought a whole bolt of the fabric many, many years ago and kept it for a long while before deciding what to use it for – these things must run in the family then!

I’m not sure I can bear to cut them up but don’t have anywhere to hang them either.  What a dilemma – should I sell them for somebody else to enjoy?  Decisions, decisions – knowing me, they’ll be here for many more years until I have a flash of inspiration.

I’ve been asked to make some purses to go with my bags – so am working on a design for these at the moment too!  So much to do, so little time!

Lovely to meet new people and old friends on Sunday in Winchester.  Thank you for the brilliant feedback, I’m so pleased you like my textile work.



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