Manordeifi Church, Llechryd

19/04/2011 § Leave a comment

A couple of weeks ago, we visited my family in Wales – Ceredigion to be precise.  The weather was remarkable – wide blue skies, verdant greenery and almost the feel of early summer warmth in the air.

Dad had heard a story about the church just over the Teifi river in Llechryd.  Originally, the river ran much closer to the church and sometimes flooded, so a coracle was kept in the entrance porch to enable the congregation to escape at the end of the services!  We wound down the quiet track for a closer look.

Manordeifi Church entrance

The entrance looked like a challenge, but then we rounded the corner and found the gate!  The pictures here are all mine, but some of the facts are from the little guide book that we bought.

Manordeifi Church

The site is very ancient and the church has stood since the middle of the thirteenth century.  The door was open and just inside …

Coracle in the Church

We found the coracle!  This isn’t just any coracle – a local called Mr Thomas crossed the English Channel in this one – amazing!

Phew - pews!

The nave is flanked by rows of family pews.  They are not all identical and the two largest – closest to the pulpit, have their own fireplaces!  There’s no electricity and small candle holders have been added to the tops of the pews – some complete with candle wax drippings and bearing signs of over-use …

Candleholder in the Church

Imagine the huffing and puffing to put this one out!

The Chancel

This is truly country-style simplicity.  Such beauty, such a sense of calm,  knowing that so many locals would have celebrated and mourned in this place, it was a privilege to be able to just wander in and enjoy the peace and tranquility.

So here is my final picture of the Church at Manordeifi with its medieval bell turret, its bell dating from the 1450 era, its Norman font, 14th century chancel window and the imaginings of some of the services that it has hosted over the centuries.

Manordeifi Church


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