‘Just popping out’ – handy shoppers

21/04/2011 § Leave a comment

You’ve been loving the handbags that I’ve been making recently, so I decided to make another ‘bag for me’!

When I designed the handbags, as I’ve said to many of you, I designed a bag that worked for me – pockets, secure clasp, key clasp and very, very pretty!  Well, I was just popping out the other day and I couldn’t find my shopping bag, besides which it’s rather large.  So – you’ve guessed it – I made one!

Just Popping Out - hand shoppers

Ok – just checking you’re concentrating – I made two!!!

As always, the design took a bit of time and the sizes are a bit variable at the moment until I’m sure the pattern is just right, but I’m really pleased with them.  I’m keeping these two ‘cos I used them both yesterday!  I packed our picnic into the larger one, when we explored the bluebell woods in Dorset.

Bluebells in full bloom in the woods

Bluebells in bloom in the woods

We heard the cuckoo too – a magical day out!

A cuckoo’s call in May is worth a load of hay, and then in June he’ll change his tune, and then he’ll fly away!



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