On the beach … with the border collies!

02/05/2011 § Leave a comment

The weekend has passed all too fast, and now we’re back home with our extra little creature – yes, Flora Puddleduck has come home with us!

She’s growing every day and I’ll show you some photos tomorrow, but haven’t unpacked the camera yet!

For the last few days, I’ve enjoyed long early-morning walks along the beach in Cornwall, with the collies …

Bluebell's seen the seagulls!

Bluebell's seen the seagulls!

So near and yet ...

Mistletoe loves digging holes!

I know it's in here somewhere!

Having a rest (from digging in the sand)

Need a bit of a rest!

Now I can't see it!

I still can't see it!

Enjoying a paddle

Enjoying a paddle just as the sun breaks through

On this particular morning, there was a shoal just offshore.  The gulls were busy – black backs and herring gulls with last year’s youngsters; I counted 20 cormorants and then a pair of gannets joined in too!  Their diving is amazing – like scimitars entering the water.  Then as they surface, the gulls mob them to try to steal their fish!

And on the stroll homeward, there was a grey nose peeking up from the calm blue sea – a seal, just off the beach – not a brilliant photo, but I just caught him before he dived …

Grey seal  just off the beach

I said I needed a zoom lens just the other day, didn’t I?  Lots of sea and the seal ‘having a nose’ at the morning sun!

So I hope you’ve enjoyed my stroll along the beach – here’s the view homeward bound towards the village …

Porthleven on the last day in April!

Porthleven on the last day in April!

Can’t wait to go back again.  It’s a very special place for us, and our collie dogs!

Go on then – here’s one of the photos of Flora Puddleduck, who turned up on our back doorstep,  just an hour or so after my walk …

Flora PuddleduckShe’s doing really well and has a voracious appetite.  We set off early this morning so that I could get to Scats to buy her chick feed and a playpen!  She’s growing every day and I think I’ve been officially adopted as her ‘Mum’!

She may just have to keep her own blog – what do you think?



Flora’s story

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