Looking up …

05/05/2011 § 2 Comments

Look up and you never know what you’ll see …

Glass blower in Bath

Here’s the amazing glass blower sculpture in Walcot Street, Bath.  He almost looks as though he’s playing an instrument.  The glass he’s blowing just melts into the blue sky on this bright Spring day in April.

Kite Flyer in Winchester

A bit closer to home, here’s the kite flyer, marking the entrance to Parchment Street in Winchester.  The sculptor, Marzia Colonna , says  ‘To me flying a kite represents “time out”. With the Kite Flyer of Parchment Street I have tried to say: look up, watch a kite fly, reconnect with the simpler side of life and the pleasure it brings.’  It’s a brilliant sculpture, floating almost 6m in the air, forming a bridge across this ancient street.  Every time I look at him, I swear he’s moving!

Then on to Shaftesbury – the magically named Swans Yard …

Swans Yard, Shaftesbury

A flying swan flying under an ivy arch marks the entrance to Swans Yard.  The Yard is home to a wonderful co-operative of craft workers and artists – brilliant shop!  Nice cafe too!

Some people just like to chill out and enjoy the view …

Grove Street art

Grove Street Reader

I love this guy, painted in a window just off Argyle Street in Bath.  It’s such a clever painting – look at the light cast from the ceiling light and the detail of the books in the background, his book angled towards the light.  There he sits engrossed in his volume oblivious to the busy passers-by.

So, sometimes we just need to look up, to find something special that makes us smile!

On the other hand …

Gold Hill, Shaftesbury

If I was standing at the bottom, looking up at Gold Hill Shaftesbury, the sight may seem a little daunting -let alone if I had a bike and a dozen loaves to push up this amazingly steep hill …

Hovis Advert

I love Shaftesbury and the surrounding countryside is amazing.  It’s a bustling market town and has some really interesting, independent shops and artists.  Well worth a visit!

Talking of visits – why not come along to Alton this weekend.  It’s the Spring Festival on Saturday so the Farmers Market plus the Art & Craft Market will be in full swing.  Just hoping for some wonderful Spring weather – will be looking up to check the sun is shining!


§ 2 Responses to Looking up …

  • hawknitr13 says:

    i am from IOWA(USA)…i loved reading about Bath…and do love Wales! i use a Wales Black sheep for my pic on my computer… i feel i am the
    ‘black sheep’ in my family!! i found you from Kristin Nichols Leyden farm blog. thank you for sharing your visit to Bath. and i am a retired teacher: 33 yrs of elementary/middle school instrumental music (band director)!!! i knit now, but used to quilt & crochet. i started a Prayer Shawl Ministry at my Catholic Church in Iowa City… very rewarding for me to hear from recipients who loved receiving them!
    ^)^ linda


  • adaliza says:

    Lovely to meet a kindred spirit. Bath was lovely today – I bought more wool! Wishing you a Happy New Year in Iowa.


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