Flora’s growing up fast …

07/05/2011 § 1 Comment

Flora’s growing so fast, about an inch a day!  She appears to put on a growth spurt at night, when she’s in her nest box.  She had her first swim in our little frog pond this afternoon and afterwards scrubbed up ready for a photoshoot …  (no photos in the pond unfortunately – unplanned excursion)!

Flora in the sink!

She had a bit of a rinse in the kitchen sink following her dip in the pond which has loads of aptly named duckweed!


What a smart ducky!


She’s so funny as she runs after us – just around the house at the moment, but in a few weeks she’ll be able to follow us around the garden and we’ll be building her a proper run instead of just her playpen.  Plans are already afoot to carry out a conversion of the little blue shed at the bottom of the garden – into a 4-star duck house!

We always know where she is in the house because her feet make such a pattering as she scampers around.  She responds to our voices and if we drum our fingers on the floor, she comes running!

A scamper in the lounge!

What a cuddle-duck!

She’s all tucked up for the night now.  We practised the ‘controlled crying technique’ that I remember so well from when the children were young, and she settles very quickly now!

I was so disappointed to miss Alton today.  When I was due to leave, it had been pouring with rain for ages and showed no signs of letting up, so I decided not to venture out.  However, just when we would have been open for business at around 10 am, the sky brightened and by this afternoon, we had sunshine!  I’ll be there next month in a new weatherproof gazebo!  I hope the day went really well for all who attended.

It’s been lovely to catch up with my ‘real’ offspring, our eldest visited today and another one is due to arrive any minute to claim his birthday cake. Our celebration may be a week late, but dissertation deadlines must be met, and we all love the challenge of the last minute effort before hand in!  “Cake’s here, Joe – 23 candles on top all ready for you!”


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  • adaliza says:

    Hi Karen – it was absolutely pouring down here in the morning. I’ve bought a new gazebo now though, so hopefully I’ll be fine whatever the weather (hope that isn’t tempting fate)! Flora now has a huge dog crate to live in when it’s too wet to be out in the garden. Until she grows feathers, she’s not fully waterproof so I have to make sure she can dry off after a swim and keep warm! She’s so much fun, I spend ages watching her and cuddling her – not getting much sewing done! See you next month.


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