I love wool!

16/05/2011 § Leave a comment

It’ll come as no surprise to anyone who’s seen my creations, that I absolutely love wools!  Whether they’re spun, felted, worsted or woven I think this textile is absolutely amazing.  Obviously, my very favourite are Welsh wools – just drive anywhere through Wales and see all those happy sheep!

View from my window

This is the view from my home in Wales – a village in Ceredigion, across the fields to the other side of the valley.  The sheep and lambs seemed oblivious to all the sky-diving antics of the crows and the red kite above them!  Lambs and their mothers are moved into this sheltered field from the lambing pens up on the farm.

I recently visited a working woollen mill in Pembrokeshire.  My grandparents, and great-grandparents farmed in this area, and it’s a magical part of the country – rugged and bleak up on the Prescelli mountains then down through green valleys to the sandy beaches stretching far and wide, as well as tiny coves and century-old industrial remnants.

Original water wheel

Here’s the waterwheel that would originally have provided power for the mill.  It doesn’t work any more as the mill is electrically operated, but there’s still loads of water – well it is Wales!

Inside a working woollen mill

Here, yards of traditionally woven Welsh tapestry is wound onto huge rollers ready to be made into bedspreads, jackets and just about everything else you can imagine, before reaching the shops all around the world.

Checking every step of the way

Here, the loom was switched off as threads were carefully checked – the resulting quality is world-class woven wool.

More wool, ready to be wovenAnd once one run is completed, here’s the next stack of deliciously dyed and spun wool, ready to be taken in and woven into cloth.

Pembrokeshire reaches out into the Irish Sea like a green hand catching the wild seas and expanses of sun-set skies.

What a sky!

Ponies on the moor above Cwm Gwaun

Welsh mountain ponies silhouetted against a never-ending sky, high up on the moor above Cwm Gwaun.  There are no houses this high up, but we passed through hamlets as we wound our way up through narrow lanes billowing with cow parsley, red campion and a few straggling bluebells before dropping down again to the sea.

Looking out over the Irish SeaThis is the view from the top, out over Dinas Head.  Mists shroud the view on many occasions but on a clear day you can see for miles and miles!

I’ve never lived in Pembrokeshire, but I’ve grown up knowing the names of the houses and farms where my grandparents and their families lived.  I feel a tremendous bond with this part of the world and I absolutely love the wool!

Hope you enjoyed a few glimpses of one of my favourite places.


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