Flora’s growing up …

18/05/2011 § Leave a comment

Sprouting feathers, learning to quack …

it must be a puddleduck, growing up!

Flora, the abandoned duckling I brought home a few weeks ago, is making amazingly good progress and grows almost before our eyes. She is sprouting glossy black feathers, her squeaky piping is changing into a lower ‘quack’ like tone and she’s now up to full length journeys up and down the garden (on foot – webbed naturally)!  She’s an Indian Runner duck so won’t grow wings and she stands up to preen herself and have a good shake after excursions in the frog pond.

Flora in the pond

She sifts through the duckweek and gobbles up any little bugs in the water, or that fly too close – she’s cobra-like in her reactions!


Look at her tail feathers just beginning to curl up – and those legs!  She has a really solid pair of pins!

What's in the pond then?

Here she is, considering a dip in the pond.  She leans on the edge and stretches right over before plopping in for a dip.  I’ve built her a beach at one end, so she can dip her toes in first (she actually has tiny toenails on the end of each webbed toe).  She usually stays in the water, for about 10 minutes (whilst mother duck sits on an upturned flower pot with a cup of tea – watching)!

There’s been great excitement here today as Ian has been to sort out the undergrowth (overgrowth) in the garden.  So far we’ve reclaimed a couple of totally overgrown flowerbeds and Flora has had a wonderful mooch about in all the cuttings and newly turned earth.  Some fresh topsoil is arriving tomorrow, and together with a bit of hedge-cutting we hope to be enjoying the garden again by the weekend.

And – most exciting – Flora’s new house is being delivered.  We’ve splashed out on a raised house within a secure run so the collies, neighbouring felines and even foxes will hopefully be deterred from a duck dinner!


For now though, she’s tucked up in her nestbox  – sorry Jack – the duck’s got your room!



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