Somewhere special …

19/05/2011 § Leave a comment

Where you first met, first date, first kiss, birthplace, family ties, university town, happy holidays, first home – we all have somewhere special.

The City

Love it, or hate it, the capital holds a special place in many hearts.  I remember a lovely lady called Mrs Hughes who came to live in Winchester, telling me that she met her husband on D-day in the crowds in London.  How romantic – even when they were very elderly they loved to take a train trip up to the City to see where they met.  They certainly lived happily ever after!


Our eldest went to university in Edinburgh and I remember her phoning, one chilly snowy evening, to tell me about the magical Christmas market with the castle all lit up on the hill.  She says it’s the first time she felt really grown up and independent – experiencing a moment all on her own, that she knew she’d always remember.

Somewhere Special cards

Now there’s one of my special places, right in the middle – recognise Cornwall???

Here are my new cards – British Schoolroom map, wonderful retro colours, a flavour of nostalgia and happy memories.


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