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21/05/2011 § Leave a comment

It’s been a busy week in the garden – Ian has been round to deal with the undergrowth and we can now see daylight over the hedges and earth under the shrubs!  The guy’s a marvel!

So, we’ve been enjoying many more hours in the garden watching Flora as she discovers the delights of our largest pond.

I have been amazed by the number of different birds that have enjoyed the garden over the last couple of days.  From my first cuppa of the day, to the evening chorus and a glass of wine, all of those listed below have visited our garden!  I spotted most of them whilst sitting on the driftwood bench tucked right under the maple tree.

A pair of goldfinches, chasing and performing acrobatics whilst making their way across the garden in flight
A pair of goldcrests enjoying the bugs in the white birch tree
Song thrushes aplenty, cracking snails on the path
A jenny wren with a beak full for her brood
A cheeky robin, enjoying breakfast, lunch & dinner + lots of snacks while the borders were being sorted out
A male bullfinch in the raspberry canes
A jay – colourful and shy – probably looking for baby birds
A sparrowhawk, the sudden swoosh heralds the blackbird alarm and the dispersal of all the little birds
A heron early this morning, searching for breakfast in the garden ponds

As well as the usual flypast by starlings, jackdaws, magpies, house martins and sparrows!

Our family of blackbirds, busy with their offspring
and our tomtits, nesting under the eaves of the little summerhouse by the pond …

Our family of tomtits

Won’t be long until they fledge I reckon – few days at the most.  Poor Mrs Tomtit – she’s looking rather harassed!

In a redundant nest box in the birch tree, another colony has set up home – tree nesting bees!

Bees in the trees!

Bit hard to spot them, but about 20 bees were dancing around this nest – a real flying circus!  If you have some, do register them on the Bumblebee Conservation Trust site.

And to finish, of course, there’s one very special little bird in our garden …

Flora - 4 weeks old

Flora in the big pond!

She just loves the pond – a real wildlife pond with flora and fauna, just perfect for Flora Puddleduck, who has to be tempted out with pieces of grape before running after me, back to her playpen and new duckhouse!  Does anyone else have a duck that loves grapes?

Must do some gardening tomorrow!


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