Snuggle up …

27/05/2011 § Leave a comment

I think it’s chilly, especially at bedtime these days. “Don’t cast the clout, till May is out” may be sensible advice – for a few days!

Last night, unusually, I didn’t drop off into the land of nod the moment my head touched the pillow.  I tossed and turned and eventually decided that I was chilly.  I thought that the blankets and quilts were safely stored away until the Autumn, but at 2 am there I was dragging my Christmas quilt (the easiest one to reach) out of the airing cupboard and boy – it did the trick!

Within minutes of snuggling down, I was warm as toast and fast asleep!  I love my Christmas quilt – designed to fit along the back of the sofa, but  just perfect for half of the bed, as I feel the cold a bit more than ‘Himself’ who keeps warm with a single blanket in the depths of winter!

Photos of my quilt are lacking atm – disappearance of essential camera lead to blame!

But here are some I made earlier …

Mum's quilt

Here’s a quilt I made for my mother several years ago.  It was designed to fit over her knees in winter so the backing is warm, red fleece. She loved it and used it all the time – not just in winter!  It would have been one of the last things she saw, as it was on her bed last summer when she slipped away …

I thought of leaving it with her, but am glad we decided to keep it.  I made every stitch with love, and she loved the quilt, so it’s a constant reminder of how much we meant to each other.

Of course – Dad had to have one too …

Dad's quilt

I bought the blue check wool when I was in London on a training day – I sneaked out to a street market during the lunch time, and spent the afternoon planning the quilt as I recall!  I’m pleased to say that this one, too is well used and moves regularly between his bed at night-time and his favourite chair during the daytime and evenings.

Looking at these pictures, I feel like doing some more quilting!  If you don’t fancy making a whole bed quilt, then a knee quilt may be more manageable as a beginner project.  Or why not try just a panel of patchwork for a cushion – not even a whole cushion!

Pink patchwork cushion

Every night, I go to sleep with images of fabrics, yarns and patterns in my head – maybe that’s why I sleep so soundly!  Try planning your next project in your head and see if you drift off into a seamless, flowing patchwork of dreams!


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