The Big Apple …

29/05/2011 § Leave a comment

A few minutes of research and I found SO many apple related sayings.  Here are a couple I’m sure you’ve heard of …

An apple a day keeps the Doctor away


Off to the Big Apple
which dates from 1930’s New York,  when jazz jived in clubs across the country.
Manhattan soon became known for having “lots of apples on the tree” − that is, lots of places to play jazz!

So these jazzy apple cosies, or jackets are just the ticket.  I’ve enjoyed making them and have some orders already.  I wouldn’t have thought of it, but a friend with young children reckons they’re the perfect end-of-term present for the teacher!  And the teaching assistants!  So she’s ordered one for everyone on the staff of her children’s school – or so it seems!  They’re suitably stretchy, so will fit any size apple, including a Big Apple!

Colourful, quirky apple jackets

I’m going to do a gift tag with them to say …

‘An apple for the teacher will always do the trick
When you don´t know your lesson in arithmetic.’

They could have a woollen name tag added too.

Jolly Apple Jackets

They’re just perfect for someone special … ‘the apple of your eye‘ maybe?

Juicy green apple

I can never make 2 exactly the same, so this one has a ruffle around the top!  Can you spot the one above with a pom-pom instead of a button fastening?  Of course, you should always choose an apple that colour co-ordinates with the apple cosy.  This could turn into a morning game when choosing apples for the school lunchbox!

Every travelling apple needs one, to keep it bruise free – and to make you smile when you decide to eat it!

They will also fit peaches and nectarines – ah, a different set of colour schemes, me thinks!

Now, what kind of apple eater are you?  Follow the link to find out …  (from the Big Apple, naturally)!

Have fun!



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