Duck egg blue cushion …

09/06/2011 § Leave a comment

with coral stripes and some embroidery!

Flora Puddleduck cushion

Flora’s finally made it onto a cushion.  It looks just like her when she’s asking for her supper, or has just been asked to come in from the pond, back to the safety of her playpen!  Flora is quite a character.  Almost all her duckling fluff has now gone and has been replaced by magnificent inky black feathers.  She’s a remarkable colour – indigo is the nearest I think.  There’s been a whisper that she’s a Swedish Blue duck, but we’re waiting to see her final plumage before committing to a final identification!

Flora close up

I do think this captures her character and charm – beady eyes, beak slightly open and the angle of her head – just having her say!

Flora - 7 weeks old

Here we are, earlier on this evening, enjoying the last of the sunshine.  Flora’s rather wet, having been in the pond for a couple of hours, chasing the newts and dealing with the duckweed!


What a difference from 7 weeks ago when I found her on the back doorstep of our cottage in Cornwall.

Flora Day 1

I haven’t decided whether I can part with the cushion yet – you’ll have to wait and see whether it makes it to my stall on Saturday!

One last look …

Flora cushion


and    Adaliza  x

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