The sun was shining in Alton today …

11/06/2011 § 3 Comments

and the crowds turned out in force …

Alton in June

I was really pleased with my new gazebo and the vibrant bunting worked well against the black cover – polka dots and flowers – wow!

Alton in June

Sam - just looking!

Kate, who makes beautiful button jewellery, came to browse when we had a few minutes between customers.  I treated myself to one of her necklaces – vintage buttons and a luscious mother-of-pearl flower button in the centre – brill!

my stand today

Hank the CockerelWillow

Meadow Cottage

Hank the Cockerel has moved into a new house (he still loves Mavis)!  Willow the campervan is dreaming of cow-parsley-filled, country lanes, wide blue skies and a summer of sea and surfing.  Meadow Cottage is off to live on a comfy chair in a new kitchen – to name but a few of my creations that have found new homes today!  I hope all of you enjoy your new handbags too.

Flora was quite disgusted that I’d been out all day and was most keen to escape the confines of her duck-run and playpen.  She positively marched up the garden to the pond, for a long swim before bed-time!   The collies, as always, made a huge fuss – much tail wagging and excited circling around my legs, just trying to trip me up.

I always love coming home after a craft fair day out.  A massive cuppa is my first priority (after releasing Flora and dispensing treats for the collies), followed by a generous slice of sponge cake (baked by the ladies on the corner stall, in Alton)!  Victoria sponge with apricot jam is my absolute favourite and their sponges are award-winning.

I have enjoyed having a chat with so many of you today.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend and if you missed today, there’s always next Sunday in Winchester at the Art and Design-led market!  Just another cuppa (and slice of cake) before doing some more sewing – tomorrow maybe – I’m having an evening off tonight!  Now, where’s that duck – I need a cuddle …


Take care

Adaliza x

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