My head is full of horses …

14/06/2011 § Leave a comment

I have nights like this sometimes.  Images of horses – some from my past, some in my dreams – canter through my mind like shadows in the breeze.  Last night, it was Exmoor ponies.  A poem came into my head, by Munnings, in which he describes meeting a herd of wild ponies in an Exmoor lane …

Exmoor ponies

Grey leaden clouds slow moving overhead
The trees and fences dripping as I pass
A robin singing, berries turning red
And underneath the dank and sodden grass.

He must have been visiting during the early Autumn of 1944, as I have his biography and he made a visit to sketch the ponies in their natural habitat on the moorland.  I bought a print of his – Pixie, an Exmoor foal – a few years ago at an auction, for the princely sum of £12!  I absolutely love it …



And here are some of my very rough sketches that came out of my head very late last night …

My next project might just be equine – we’ll have to wait and see!




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