Jam tomorrow …

15/06/2011 § Leave a comment


All this talk of making jam amongst everyone – must be the season for strawberries, raspberries, red currants and all the other yummy summer berries.

I’m a passionate jam maker, but often wait until the Autumn as I love gathering wild fruits and berries from the hedgerows. Many, many years ago I used to ride out on my pony with a basket and reach up to collect hawthorn berries and rowan, rosehips, damsons, wild plums and sloes.  I learnt how to make jam by teaching myself and now I have my favourite combinations of fruit, herbs and spices.  I don’t call them recipes as I go by feel – and taste!

The one thing every jam-maker needs is a thermometer as there’s no simpler way of knowing whether your bubbling pan has reached the magic setting point.

I think every good jam jar deserves a proper entrance though, especially if given (or bought) as a gift …

Jam Sack

Why should wine bottles have all the fun?  Whatever preserve you’re making or buying, it doesn’t need a floral hat, it needs a JAM SACK! They look SO pretty and I’m going to make some for the breakfast table too.  These look really pretty on the breakfast or tea table too, with the top turned down to show the pretty lining!

What do you think?

Why wait until tomorrow?  Jam on toast for me today!



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