Sculpture, Ballet & Horses …

21/06/2011 § Leave a comment

On Sunday I met Robert Truscott, Sculptor …

I was amazed by his work and in particular loved Indi – a bronze horse that he had sculpted …

Robert Truscott bronze horse

Robert studied at Winchester School of Art and the Russian Academy of Arts in St Petersburg.  He has exhibited in Winchester Cathedral with works representing the exodus of prisoners from the VI Army at Stalingrad.  His work is evocative and steeped in emotion …

Robert Truscott bronze sculpture

Robert Truscott - Bronze soldier

His bronze ballerinas are sketched while the dancers rehearse and then sculpted and cast into bronze editions in Russia and London.  They epitomise grace and movement …

Robert Truscott - Giselle Bronze Sculpture

Robert Truscott - Tying her Ribbons - Bronze Sculpture

Robert Truscott - Giselle Bronze Sculpture - detail

I have always loved the ballet since my mother took me, as a child, to see the great dance companies when they visited Cardiff. Her mother, my grandmother, saw Anna Pavlova dance The Swan in London and so began a family tradition of regular visits to enjoy the famous ballets performed by companies from all over the world.

When I was a teenager, I went to London to see Nureyev dance Swan Lake with the Boston ballet.  It was, I believe, the last time he visited the UK.

Since losing my mother last summer, I have yearned for something special – a memorial – that I can keep and enjoy every day when I think of her.  When I visited Robert, last evening, I met Olga Chernakova …

Robert Truscott Bronze of Olga Chernikova

Cast in bronze and in arabesque …

Robert Truscott bronze of Anna Chernakova

She dances with the Hungarian National Ballet company and here she is in the flesh …

Olga Chernakova

When chatting, I discovered that Robert’s grandmother too, had seen Anna Pavlova dance – what a coincidence …


At last, I have a reminder of something my mother gave me, our shared love of grace and movement in ballet – brought to life by Olga Chernakova and cast in bronze, by Robert Truscott.  He’s extremely talented – visit his website or see his work at the Winchester Art & Design market (check with him that he’ll be there).

Thank you – she’s so beautiful …

Olga in Arabesque, in bronze by Robert Truscott


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