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22/06/2011 § Leave a comment

Flora is now 8 weeks old …


“I’m 8 weeks old and you’re holding that clicky thing very close to me – can I eat it?” she asks. “I’ve been taken out of my pond and plonked on this table for no good reason, other than to have that clicky thing held close to me.”


“Now Flora, that’s not strictly true.  Daddy duck is cutting the grass and when the mower started up, you got into a bit of a fluster, all your feathers stood on end and you did that head-bobbing thing that you do when you’re upset” explained Mother Duck.  “Besides which, the sun has appeared for a few brief moments and I want to take some pictures of your beautiful new feathers!  Now, hold still for a minute.”

Flora's feathers in close up

“There now, that didn’t hurt, did it?”

“My feathers are my business” replied Flora indignantly “I spend hours preening and making sure they’re in tip-top condition. Blue Swedish ducks are special and I really need a mirror so that I can make sure that I’m tickety boo with not a quill out of place!”

“Stuff and nonsense” replied Mother Duck “You’ve had a cushion named after you, what more can a duck want?  Besides which, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of good pond water to splash about in – just make sure you’re face is clean!”

Flora cushion


“Now, I’ve been good, stood still for the clicky thing, had a cuddle and some grapes – put me back in my pond” Flora demanded.

“OK Flora – enjoy the rest of your day!”

Flora in the pond

Adaliza x

Read about how we rescued Flora and a lovely poem I found

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