Versatile Blogger Award – Wow!

28/06/2011 § Leave a comment

Many thanks to Martha, of Martha after Hours who nominated my blog for this award.  It’s lovely to receive an award – I know just how kids at school feel when they get a sticker!

There’s a whole list of things to do now, so here goes …

1.      Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the award …  (see above)
2.      Share seven random things about yourself (see below)
3.      Award seven recently discovered bloggers with this award and contact them to let them know they have won

7 random things about me:

–   I learnt to drive on a tractor
–   I love winter more than summer and wool more than silk

–   I’m an avid jam maker – just love picking hedgerow berries
–   I’m definitely more country girl than city chic

–   If wishes were horses, mine would be a black Welsh cob. I miss you Stormy.
–   I was almost a farmer’s wife – once – a long time ago.  Damn, he was too quick!

–   I believe in the power of positive thinking!  My motto is B+ (Be Positive)!

7 blogs I’d like to nominate:

Rockett St George UK – Design Junkies

So Easy Life – Karon Grieve is interesting and inspirational

Print and Pattern – this is simply amazing stuff, every day something different

Posie gets Cosy – charming tales of life in Portland, Oregan and a corgi called Clover Meadow

Cluck Cluck Sew – great sewing projects and some very clear instructions too

Just 2 more to choose …

Blueberry Park – lots of interesting projects and ideas

HenHouse – lovely pictures and projects

One more random thing – I hate chain letters and this definitely had the feel of one.  My initial unease though was countered by pleasure to think that someone had enjoyed my blog.  So even if you don’t want to join in, I hope you continue to entertain me (and others) with your blogs.


Please join in and leave a comment - it means a lot to hear from you ...

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