Sunny days …

14/07/2011 § Leave a comment

Flora is 11 weeks old …

Flora at 11 weeks

and she loves a bit of sunshine!  She’s cleared all the duckweed out of the ponds and spends longer each day grubbing around under the trees and shrubs.  She’s frequently to be found in a sunny spot alongside the pond, having a nap with her beak tucked under one of her wings.  She’s totally unfazed by our younger collie, Bluebell …

Flora & Bluebell

Either she thinks that she’s a collie, or that the collies are ducks!  They’re all black and white so I can sort of understand her confusion. Yesterday she spent the entire evening with us on the patio, paddling in the puddle from a split in the hose.  The pond needed topping up – as you can see from our bare patches of grass, we’re not into sprinklers – it all grows back once the rain returns.

Flora & Bluebell

We can’t trust Mistletoe with her, so she watches through the kitchen doors but Flora is fascinated and stands a couple of inches the other side of the glass, just teasing her.

I’ve been thinking about making another quilt for a while and today I did some cutting out and piecing.  Here’s a taste of what’s to come …

Quilt beginnings

There’s Colefax & Fowler floral fabric. Susie Watson cotton, beautiful Toile de Jouy and what looks red in this picture is in fact cerise pink mohair!  I haven’t made a quilt for years and years and this evening, I rediscovered my little old Elna Lotus machine – just perfect for stitching in the evening sunshine on the patio!

I love sunny days and summer evenings …



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