Handmade Monday No 7 …

17/07/2011 § 9 Comments

I’ve rediscovered patchwork & quilting!

I started very small, a couple of weeks ago, with my pincushion.

My perfect pincushion

By the way, it’s just a brilliant thing – pins don’t get lost, needles are easy to find, it doesn’t topple over and … it’s really pretty!  That dip in the middle with the button, is the perfect place for my thimble to nestle too, surrounded by many more pins than in this photo!  I always use my grandmother’s silver thimble – can’t sew a button on without it!

Whether it was the crochet hexagons that got me going on piecing together (don’t ask about the floral hexagons – that’s definitely still a work in progress), but I had a sudden urge – you know that feeling – to make a quilt!

Friday afternoon quilting

Friday afternoon (before it started to rain), was spent on the patio with my trusty little Elna – more portable than the weight-lifting challenge of the upstairs sewing studio machines!  Then last night I stayed up into the wee small hours with my needle, quilting thread, thimble and collies …

Completed quilt

All done!  Looking a little dwarfed on the super-king size bed but it fits a single or the back of the sofa just perfectly.  That red is actually cerise pink mohair – I love a bit of texture and can’t resist including wool – somewhere!  The other fabrics are a beautiful deep pink toile du jouy, Colefax & Fowler, Susie Watson, crisp gingham and a lovely raised pink & green embroidered stripe.

quilt blocks



I hand-quilted ‘in the ditch’, but not around every block.  The wadding is 100 ‘somethings’, so quite squishy!  The crochet bedcover isn’t my work, unfortunately – I bought it from someone whose grandmother had made it and they were selling it at a car boot sale!!!!  I repaired some minor damage and now it’s good as new and I love it more every time I look at it.

There’s another on the way …

Vintage Roses

That’s my planning book, at the back, where I jot down all my ideas and sometimes sketch out designs.  Working out a quilt is more like a coding exercise though!  It’s going to be a Vintage Rose Quilt – you’ll have to wait a while to see it though – I’m taking the summer off from blogging & tweeting.  This is my 80th blog post – wow!

Those of you who know me, may remember that I didn’t have a summer at all last year. My husband almost died (well, he did but Jack saved his life).  It’s been a very long road to recovery from the extraordinary dedication of intensive care.  And, we lost Mum, who I miss every single day.

We’re planning a very quiet time together this year – I’m so thankful that he’s still here with me.  Our children will visit, no doubt, and I’ll catch up on some sewing projects inbetween walking the dogs and talking to the duck!  Well, at least she listens!

Have a great summer, everybody.  Hope you can visit my fairs in the Autumn – check out my homepage for dates.

Adaliza x


PS  Do have a look at Wendy’s 1st Unique Gifts Handmade Monday blog to see what everyone else is up to!

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