Meet Mavis …

20/08/2011 § Leave a comment

She’s probably middle-aged and built to last …


She’ a special edition Singer that I bought last week from the lovely Sarah at Reads Sewing Machine shop in Winchester.  I’ve been having a lot of trouble with quilting – the Brother SuperAce is magnificent for most of my projects, but quilting stopped it in its tracks.  My very old Elna lotus, that I use on the patio and on holiday simply isn’t sufficiently substantial to cope with all the layers, so I’ve been doing some research.  Must admit that I was tempted by a supa doopa Janome that would probably hoover the house and cook the dinner – the cost of it would employ staff for 12 months!   But I’ve had time to think over the summer and have adopted a new set of rules when faced with a dilemma:

  • Take some time
  • Think logically
  • Consider the alternatives

So, I thought and considered and decided that I needed a powerful machine that would blast though layers of quilt projects – a reliable, steady straight-stitcher and not necessarily swathed in seductive red plastic.  Mavis cost £1700 LESS than the new one I was considering!

Saying that, I love Mavis’ subtle retro style and colour.  The needle lifts up and down with a cheerful click and the bobbin cover is firm, strong steel.  She drives like new and offers a range of basic stitches!

Mavis' first quilt

Here’s our first quilt, together.  More photos soon, but the label ‘Cottage Garden’ may give you a clue to the patchwork top!  I love naming projects and the Elna embroidery machine produces professional labels in minutes.

I’m off to plan our next quilt now, but before I do, here’s a note for Mavis.

“Welcome Mavis – you’ve come to live in a lovely home where you’ll be well looked after and where you can spend time inbetween stitching, dreaming of our next project and keeping watch out of the studio window!”

Mavis busy quilting

Hope you’ve all had a lovely summer.  I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been sewing!

Adaliza x

PS  Website has been undergoing a bit of a revamp (not all pages finished yet) and look over on the right of your screen to the Adaliza Blog Shop that will eventually have a longer list of items for sale online.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


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