Patchwork Quilt – Handmade Monday

21/08/2011 § 20 Comments

“In a Cottage Garden” …

This quilt started life as a pair of ancient curtains that I spied lurking in a corner.  However unloved they first appeared, I loved the quality of the ribbed cotton fabric and the floral print – oh those flowers!  Fuschias, pansies, lavender, auricular and bluebells just bursting into bloom.  I can imagine the curtains hanging at the window of a little old cottage, surrounded by a fabulous garden and tended by a little old lady.

Hideaway Cottage

I didn’t get close enough to investigate the garden, but this hideaway cottage in Wales would have been the sort of home where those curtains would once have lived in, I’m sure.

Cottage Garden curtains

Here they are, freshly washed and dried on the line with the raggedy lining and hems chopped off.  There’s a vein effect running over the whole fabric and it’s ribbed across every half inch or so.  And those flowers – seriously pretty and perfect for today’s vintage revival.

Fussy cutting

Some fussy cutting later, I decided to use just 4 focus panels in a quilt.  Ages – seemed like hours – was spent rummaging through my fabrics for others that would compliment these colours.  I love working with Susie Watson cottons and have yards of various vintage pieces, so there was plenty of choice.

I just loved putting this project together.  Quilting was rather a challenge, but Mavis came to my rescue – see previous post.

Mavis and the Cottage Garden quilt

We added a label – stitched on my Elna embroidery machine – it didn’t want to be left out of all the fun!


The back is a Susie Watson subtle pink and white striped cotton.

quilt reverse

And the moment you (and me) have been waiting for …

Cottage Garden Quilt

Quilt close up

Quilt - In a Cottage Garden

So, here’s my quilt – living up to it’s name – In a Cottage Garden.

I’ll be putting more quilted pieces on my website soon – it’s had a bit of a revamp over summer – what do you think?

Pop over to Wendy’s  to see what everyone has been making for Handmade Monday No 30!

Adaliza x

§ 20 Responses to Patchwork Quilt – Handmade Monday

  • Caroline says:

    The quilt is so pretty, love fussy cuts they add so much to a design.


  • Maria says:

    I love the quilt it looks perfectly at home in the cottage garden. I loved reading about how you made it too.


  • Wendy says:

    Wow – that is some quilt! It must’ve felt like it took forever to make! Well done you. I’ll pop over and have a look at your website when I have a little lore time x


  • adaliza says:

    Thanks Wendy – you’ve been busy too! Hope you’ve enjoyed your summer.


  • Lovely quilt. Look very comfy. The time you spent on it def worth it.


  • RosMadeMe says:

    Love the quilt, is it partly done in Log Cabin… fantastic that you have recycled to make something even lovelier 🙂


  • adaliza says:

    Yes, there are 5 log cabins and the combination of fabrics is what took so long. There are 3 quite old vintage fabrics in there, along with Susie Watson cottons. Glad you like it.


  • Lovely quilt, looks like it took a lot of time and care to make it.


  • I just did today’s blog on how much I would love to achieve something like that, exactly what I meant by the quilting I so admire.

    Fabulous Quilt.



  • Sam says:

    Such a pretty quilt!


  • It is a lovely quilt. I love the colours in the fabrics and the photo in the garden fits the quilt perfectly.

    Jan x


  • Susie says:

    What do I think? I am totally in love and suddenly want to learn to quilt! That will pass I’m sure as reality sets in, but right now? I think I can! hehe. That is just beautiful and what a nice blog post. Thank you for sharing that. 🙂


  • adaliza says:

    You can – just do it! Don’t let the moment pass. Maybe we should do some online classes?


  • adaliza says:

    Just take the plunge and achieve it.


  • Susie says:

    I would love to try. I did make a sort of a quit (just big blocks) years ago. I had no idea what I was doing. It was rather crooked. I did the whole thing on my Mom’s sewing machine (the one she gave me after I got married–a Kenmore that I later replaced with another Kenmore and just replaced with a Singer). Don’t ask why someone who sews as little as me needs a sewing machine! I made it for my boyfriend at the time (who is now my husband of 35 years–I guess it did some good!). When my oldest son went off to college he absconded with it. I should get it to take a photo of it if he still has it. 🙂
    But I would love to learn to make REAL quilts. You know. Pretty ones.


  • adaliza says:

    I don’t think there’s any special secret. Just choose fabrics that you like. I have loads, but it’s been an absorbing hobby of mine for many years – fabrics & yarns. Simple squares are just fine. I’m going to put up some of my patchwork cushions tomorrow so have a look then. They’re very simple to start with and everyone seems to like them. It may be pm – I have by half-yearly trip to the hairdresser tomorrow morning!!!


  • Martha says:

    oh, i love quilts but sadly i havent got a clue how to make them 😦 i mean i havent tried my hand at it yet 😛 yours is great! you;re doing really well. the fabric with the roses is beautiful!
    i know very well what it is like to browse thru your abundant craft stuff in search of a coordinated colours. i feel the very same when i make my cards, i can never match a paper immediately, i took hours!!!


  • Penny says:

    Beautiful, and looks as if it’s been around for years! I tend to grind to a halt once I’ve pieced it all together because I can never find enough space to lay it all out and layer it with the batting and backing, lovely to see a finished article. Great to find you via Handmade Monday!


  • adaliza says:

    I put 2 patio tables together and had the spare yardage of backing fabric draped over chairs! Dogs banned from the patio (and the duck)! It took AGES – I pinned & tacked the layers together. It worked though, so was worth the effort. Don’t know what I’ll do in the winter!


  • adaliza says:

    That’s the brilliant thing about creating though isn’t it? People ask me how long it takes to make something, but making it is only part of the process. First the idea, then thinking it through, then finding the materials, then choosing the materials, then the making, then finishing, then photographing, uploading and showing it to all our friends! It’s wonderful to get feedback when other people really appreciate what went into a creation. Many thanks


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