The odd couple …

25/08/2011 § 4 Comments

Flora + Bluebell

Flora, my day-old rescued duckling is now 16 weeks old.  She’s quite vocal and whenever I appear I’m greeted by a loud quacking!

I’m followed up and down the garden every time I hang out the washing or pick up windfall apples.  She’s a great pet, although not a cuddly one!  She waddles down the garden each night and up the ramp into her nest box, safe from foxes, and without the need to be picked up.  I am, however, not her favourite companion.

FloraHere she is sitting in the waterfall earlier on this morning!

She’s struck up a firm friendship with our youngest border collie, Bluebell, who spends hours each day with Flora.

By the pond

Flora & Belle

The other evening, there were 5 of us (humans) around the patio table having dinner plus 2 collies and a duck!  I love family dinners!


Mistletoe lurked under the table – for those who know her she’s – there’s no nice way to put this – completely nuts!

She came to us from a rescue centre, as a pup, and is the most affectionate dog I’ve ever had.  However, she relies totally on instinct and is mistrustful of everyone else on the planet, except her immediate family and Auntie Beti!  You have to work hard to earn Misty’s love & trust.


Bluebell – Belle for short – came from a farm in Llandeilo and is obviously from working stock.  She’s obedient and more placid than Misty.  She’s my constant companion in the house and frequently my large sewing projects are draped over her as she sleeps by my feet!

This summer, she has divided her leisure time between me and the duck!

I find the relationship between these two black & white creatures quite fascinating.  They have food together (separate dishes & menus); they spend hours each day together without a cross word (or quack); and when the collies go out for their exercise Flora gets quite upset and waddles off back to the pond to await Belle’s return.

They truly are, an odd couple!

The odd couple

Adaliza x

Flora Day 1

Flora Day 1

Duck Diary

Duck Diary

§ 4 Responses to The odd couple …

  • Jenny says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog just now, nice to have found yours! Love the friendship story between your collie and duckling… funny how frienships can come out of the most unlikely pairings but work so well all the same! x


  • adaliza says:

    Dogs now one side of back door, duck outside in the rain! Think duck would like to join collies indoors, but she just poos all the time!


  • Calico Kate says:

    How lovely! We have a collie too and everywhere I go she is sure to follow too, inc underneath my sewing or computer tables, or just under feet!
    One summer the dogs (we have three a whippet and a wolfhound as well as the collie) were spending the summer at my parents farm as my husb was in hospital and I was in town with hiim (Glasgow) They had had to hand rear a lamb that year and Rowan the collie transferred her obsessive affection to the lamb, for everywhere that Rosie went Rowan was sure to follow! They still have a good ‘relationship’ and Rosie still thinks she’s a dog and not a Herdwick sheep!

    Lovely to read of your adventures have signed up to follow here too and will pop pver to Fbook in a mo!


  • adaliza says:

    My goodness, your house must be full with a whippet & wolfhound as well as your collie! Are’t they just the most wonderful friends. I spent a lot of time on a farm when I was young and we always had pet lambs. For months after rejoining the herd, my Sian would come bleating from the flock when I checked them, to say Hello! Belle and Flora are the best of friends and spend most of the day in the garden and on the patio together. I’ll look up your blogspot too. Adaliza


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