Tin Tin …

26/08/2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve always been fascinated by tin buildings …

Tin roofed house

Whether its just a corrugated tin roof, like the hideaway home in Wales that we discovered on a trip down a quiet lane …

Llanaerchaeron Station

or a tiny disused railway station with a grassy platform and seat.  It’ll be long wait for the next train – seriously long wait as there are no train tracks these days!

Tin house, Rhydlewis

This whole house is built of tin.  It amused locals some years ago when it came up for sale and was described by the agent as a ‘colonial-style dwelling’!  Very pretty though …

Farm building

and here’s a ramshackle farm building tottering on staddle stones, so the rats can’t get in to eat the corn.  The corn would be rather wet these days, with all that missing timber – shame!

Corrugated tin was a favourite building material for farm buildings and village halls.  I guess it was cheap, waterproof & lightweight, so large spaces could be created easily without the need for lots of columns to hold up the roof.

My favourite tin building is the Post Office & Village Shop, in my home village in Ceredigion …

Post Office & Village Shop

The store room goes right back into the barn-style bit at the back and I spent many a happy hour in here when I was a teenager, helping Alan and his mother in the shop.  I could never find anything that wasn’t obvious, but Alan knew where everything was and used to whizz around the shop, leaping up and down the rickety wooden steps up to the attic.  He added every order up without the need of a calculator and ran the Post Office at the same time as the shop!

Locals would go in for a chat, as well as to buy their weekly groceries.  I used to ride down to the shop on my pony, Prince, who would be tied up to one of the posts while I fetched essential supplies.  He couldn’t be tied to the building in case he spooked and pulled it down! Prince hated motorbikes and would regularly take me in the opposite direction if we met one on the road – fun times, dealing with a spooky pony & a full shopping bag!

For the Silver Jubilee in 1977, Alan painted the shop canopy in red, silver & blue stripes – wish I’d taken a photo back then!

Post Office & Village Shop

Post Boc

I’ve missed a few lovely buildings, as we’ve whizzed past on four wheels, or when I’ve popped out without my camera so I will add to my Pinterest board when I’ve collected some more.

You’ve never lived if you never heard the sound of rain on a tin roof – romantic & cosy! Even better if it’s a hay barn full of bales to sit on and chat, while the heavens open.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the somewhat rusty trip around Wales & Dorset today!

Adaliza x


This post is dedicated to the memory of Alan Powell, Postfeistr, Rhydlewis.

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