Meet Mildred …

28/08/2011 § Leave a comment

She’s about 25 years old, and blue is her favourite colour!


She’s Mavis’ new best friend, although Mavis (vintage Singer machine ) has moved over to make room on the table.  I couldn’t resist this New Home Janome when I spied it earlier on today.  In fact, my husband spotted her first … “Have you seen the sewing machine over there?” he asked “Looks like your type of machine” After 30 years together, he knows what’s ‘my type’!

I love the way that sewing machines have their own special sound as they sew along – Mavis chugs, a bit like a steam train while Mildred chirrups very softly! I use them all, though not at the same time!  Mildred is a great straight-stitcher and has some attachments that enable her to do some simple embroidery stitches.

She’s already made a cushion this morning …


Note, my rather cramped sewing table!  Having moved in and out of my ‘studio’ on so many occasions as our children appear and leave again throughout the vacation, I’ve now given up and left the room for the boys to use over summer – did I say ‘summer’?  The patio is my next favourite place to sew, but I can’t cope with dashing in and out between showers so I’ve set up in a corner of our bedroom with just enough room for a machine, pin cushion & scissors!  What more does a girl need to make her happy?

Mildred was named this morning by Deborah @dubdubble on Twitter.  Thanks Deborah – it’s a great name that really suits her!

I’ll be joining in with another Handmade Monday later on today or early tomorrow!

Adaliza x


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