Late summer in the garden …

30/08/2011 § Leave a comment

I may have already mentioned that Autumn is my favourite season of the year.

I don’t think we’re quite there yet.  We’re teetering on the brink between the last of the summer (wine anybody?) and the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness which is about to engulf us in a drift of russet leaves.  Earlier on this afternoon, I took a wander around the garden, duck and dogs in tow, to see what’s left to remind me of summer …

geraniumswhite rose

Miniature Rose - Fairy Queengeraniums & the last of the roses


Unruly border

Phlox and an unruly raised border

We leave the borders, full of seeds for the winter and are frequently rewarded by charms of goldfinches and so many other birds who visit the garden for a winter feast.  I hope that the virus affecting the little birds doesn’t harm our regular feathered visitors.  The teasel, this year, is about 9 ft tall!


There’s not much in bud, but the sedum is about to produce tiny flowers …


My favourite bit of the garden at the moment, is the area at the very bottom, with some long grass (Flora’s favourite) and apple trees laden with fruit …

Red apples

And there’s the little duck waddling about, searching for insects and seeds in the grass …

Flora under the apple trees

I hope you’ve enjoyed the wander round and round the garden.  What’s blooming in yours?  The keen-eyed gardeners amongst you will have already spotted the bindweed and brambles lurking here and there but quilting is taking priority over weeding at the moment!

Enjoy your outdoor space!

Adaliza x

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