I remember when …

03/09/2011 § Leave a comment

I couldn’t sleep and began to think back to my childhood …

1950's beetleI remember when Mum and Dad had a beetle each.
Both blue and shiny chrome, Mum’s was Bessie PPW 147 and Dad’s was
Billie 698 ABO.

We spent every summer on holiday in North Devon.  The 3 of us and our boxer dog packed into Billie for the journey and the ferry across the Severn.

LynmouthOur black and white holiday photos were all of Lynmouth!

Roath Park

I skated with Dad on the lake at Roath Park, in the winter of 1963.

Dr Zivago 1965

Dad went to see Dr Zivago on a Saturday afternoon in 1965 – on his own!

Aberfan 1966
The mountain slid onto the village of Aberfan in 1966.  A generation of children in the primary school were killed. We watched grainy images on our little television and Dad took blankets to the local collection point.

Summers were long and hot.  I had a tricycle with white tyres and a swing in the garden.  Winters were cold and I wore a blue sheepskin coat, which lasted for several years!

I waved Dad off to work through the breakfast room window and went to a funny little school in a large house!  Mum brought me home for lunch – banana sandwiches.  I remember teatimes watching the television, my tea on my lap.
I loved Champion the Wonder Horse.

Champion the Wonder Horse

My grandparents lived with us and I adored my grandfather.  My youngest son reminds me of him so much – calm, sensible, funny and very tall!  I’m rather like my grandmother – love sewing, an unruly head of hair and firm opinions!

Sometimes it’s fun to look back and see what’s changed.  I must look out some old photos next time I visit ‘home’ in Wales.  Now that’s something to look forward to … but first, a good night’s sleep!  What do you remember from your childhood?

Adaliza x

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