Quilting Days …

05/09/2011 § 6 Comments

Quilting on Sunday, all ready for Handmade Monday!

I’ve been working all week on the double quilt I started last weekend …

Patchwork Top

Here’s the patchwork top, all pieced and ready to be made into a quilt sandwich!  Don’t know about you, but it takes me a while to get it all together – dodging showers, 2 patio tables utilised so no outside snacks, extra chairs so nothing drags on the ground, dogs indoors, duck sent to the pond, smoothing out the creases and making it all quite straight – quite a performance!

It’s all coming together and I’ve been getting to grips with free motion quilting – Mavis (vintage Singer machine) doesn’t do free motion but Millie (alias Mildred vintage Janome machine) swung into action yesterday when I finally managed to source the correct foot from the wonderful Sarah at Reads sewing machine shop in Winchester.  Thank you Sarah!  We (Me & Millie) did all the blocks down one side brilliantly (Millie was brilliant – I was a bit hunched)!

But this morning, Millie was after a day off.  The bobbin tension was out and I spent ages twiddling and practising – could have made a whole quilt from the scraps I chewed up (I didn’t actually chew them – Millie did)!!!

Eventually decided to give her the day off, hauled Mavis back into pole position and decided to make something that I could finish in a day …

Cot Quilt

Little Chick

Little Chicks

Little Chick

All done – Little Chick cot quilt!  I hand-stitched all around the polka dot binding last evening.  Just love the vintage flannelette backing (still with imperial 2 yards ticket attached – not now obviously)! And all those little chicks, marching around!  They may march all the way to my stall in Alton next Saturday.

Yes, it’s that time of year again when the gazebo is brushed off (please don’t let there be any spiders in there, waiting to scurry up my arm – Arghhhhh), cushions packed, bunting ready, teacosies all lined up, hearts a-hanging – it’s time for the Autumn craft fairs!  Yippee!  My mother used to say that spiders are lucky – that was after she’d screamed, fallen over the dog who’d dashed to her rescue, and scolded Dad for taking so long to find a glass & card (for the eviction)!

I’m really looking forward to meeting up with everyone again – fellow stallholders and regular customers.  They’ll be lots of chat and Alton will be buzzing with activity – the Farmers Market hits town and I’ll most probably give in and treat myself to a feast of homemade delights from the ladies on the corner stall – please make me an apricot jam victoria spongecake – please please!

So I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Thank you Wendy at 1st Unique Gifts for hosting another Handmade Monday – great start to the week.

Book yourselves a day out in Alton next Saturday and come along and say Hello! Keep up to date with the news by joining our Facebook page.

Adaliza x

Alton Craft Market

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