Spice up your life …

08/09/2011 § Leave a comment

Nothing like a little treat to brighten up the day …

spice box

So, you’ve guessed – I’ve treated myself to this adorable set of spice tins.  And adorable they are …

Spice tins

Ooh – look at those pretty colours and little tweeting birdies!

Spice Tins

Now you didn’t really think I was going to open my cupboard and show you a neat row of little bottles and my new spice tins, did you? My spice shelf has an array of allsorts and allspices – all higgledy piggledy and out they tumble as I reach past the first few rows to delve into the depths to find the vanilla pod that I know is well hidden somewhere at the back!

To get a full breath of spicy tinny freshness, I took them out to the patio for a photocall!  The colours are SO pretty – all retro and goody. Well done to the dotcomgiftshop for such a lovely colourscheme.

So, today I should clear out my spice shelf, fill my jars and SPICE UP MY LIFE!

Adaliza x

PS if you’re looking dotcomgiftshop – could we have some more please – 6 really isn’t enough!

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