Autumniness in the Forest …

21/09/2011 § Leave a comment

Bramble berries & russet oak, fallen giants & forest ferns …

Bramble Berries

Russet Oak

Fallen Forest Giant

Forest Ferns

Plump ponies, tiny forest-floor blossoms & marvellous cappuccino-coloured fungus …

New Forest Pony

Forest Floor Flowers


The New Forest is amazing at this time of year.  Abundant wildlife, enjoying the feasts of brambles and haws; festive berries just turning ripe and lots of fun in the mud & puddles …

Forest View

Holly for Christmas

Bog Dog

Enjoying a splash

Playing in the Forest

Autumn is my favourite season of the year.  There’s still some summer-warmth in the sun’s rays but there’s also expectation of the need to conserve & preserve the fat & fruits of the harvest.  There’s the awakening of some long-mellowed instinct to create a warm and cosy home, ready for the frosty mornings and frozen nights.

I need to gather berries, make jam, break out the blankets and bask in the few remaining moments of warmth in the sun.  Time for wellies & walking boots – and a clothes peg for my nose as we travel home with 2 very smelly collies!

Adaliza x

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