Containment of chaos …

22/09/2011 § Leave a comment

Now those who know me will understand exactly what I mean when I say “I’m no housework queen.”

I blitz every so often and the results are usually dramatic but daily chores and weekly routines are not up my street.  In my fairly limited free time I’d rather be sewing or cooking, walking the dogs or talking to Flora!

Early this morning I’d reached the end of my patience with the chaos in the downstairs study, alias summer spare bedroom …


More Muddle

So I spent an hour – just an hour – doing a spot of housework.

A pretty chair emerged from under a pile of billowing duvets – do you know there were 5 duvets in this room?  Are they breeding? Where did they come from?  We don’t even use duvets!

Boxes have been stacked up, awaiting their move west when one of our boys becomes more permanently settled.

This evening, I put on the lamps and before I drew the curtains, I popped outside to peek in through the stained glass panel hanging in the window.  Lovely!  Such a good feeling – should do more of this.

Enjoying housework?  What’s happening to me?  Must be the autumny instinct to create a warm, cosy nest when the nights get cold! Just the rest of the house to get to grips with then ….

Adaliza x

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