Jingle Jangle …

25/09/2011 § 15 Comments

The Jingle Jangle Scarecrow


When all the cows were sleeping
And the sun had gone to bed,
Up jumped the scarecrow
And this is what he said:

“I’m a Jingle Jangle Scarecrow
With a flippy-floppy hat.
I can shake my arms like this,
I can shake my legs like that.”

When all the hens were roosting,
And the moon, behind a cloud.
Up jumped the scarecrow,
And shouted very loud:



Now go on – you can’t tell me you don’t love scarecrows!

You may remember that I made a scarecrow cushion a few weeks ago and then forgot to pop the memory card into my camera.  Silly me!  That particular scarecrow is crossing the Atlantic very soon, where it will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas! But I don’t have a photo of him (or her)!

So …

Jingle Jangle Scarecrow

Jingle Jangle Scarecrow

I thought I’d better get busy and run up another one!  JJ Scarecrow will be blowing all the way to Blackmoor Apple Day, down on the farm, in a couple of weeks!

Noticing the mince pies on the shelves at the local store, I also thought that I’d join in with a bit of a frolic in the festive department …

Festive Fun Quilt

Festive Fun quilt

The cheery arrangement of colours seems to work well in this quilt – what do you think?  Traditional reds & greens with snowflakey whites & zingy, vivid blues – all sort of frosty and hot at the same time!  I designed it to fit along the back of a sofa, or over a favourite chair – just to get you into the mood for those long, cosy evenings by the fire!

Today hasn’t been with it’s drama – I knew one would come to get me one day soon, and today was my ‘SCREAM’ day!

I have finally decided to part with my saddle.  It’s been with me for a quite a few years, but to be truthful, will probably never see the back of a horse with me on top.  When I lost Stormy (admittedly he did leave me with an arm full of metal and screws to remember him by), I rather lost my nerve for riding.  Seems logical then, to sell on my saddle if I have no wish to ride.

I ventured into the summerhouse, where my saddle has spent the last few months over the summer and – you’ve guessed – as I was moving a few bits and bobs around a HUGE spider appeared – in a teapot!  The lid was off and this particularly pretty, vintage Sadler (coincidence or what?) teapot positively invited me to pick it up.  I looked inside and SHRIEK/SCREAM!  Argggggghhhhhh …

Both collies dived into the summerhouse, blocking the entrance; husband appeared from the kitchen, though he recognised the pitch of the scream and guessed what I’d found; even Flora quacked loudly and came waddling up the garden to my rescue!  A while later, I returned to the summerhouse clad in wellies and elbow-length leather gauntlets (I’d have worn a forensic suit by choice),  at arms length I picked up the vintage vessel and laid it on its side on the grass – can’t bear to think of poor monster dying in a teapot!

However, a few moments later, I saw Flora with her beak in the teapot and then she gave such shake of her head – all the way down to her tail! Thoughts of wriggling and tickling made me feel quite sick!  Oh dear!  Oh well!!!

Bye Bye saddle (and spider), Hello Handmade Monday and another fresh, new week!

Adaliza x

PS  Pop over to see Wendy’s Handmade Monday blogspot and see what everyone’s been making.

PPS  Have heard a whisper that my blog has been nominated for an award – pop back and see.  It would be wonderful if you decided to vote for me!

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§ 15 Responses to Jingle Jangle …

  • Wendy says:

    Love the scarecrow, love the colours on the quilt and love the spider story! I am just the same, even though I have painted one of the little blighters this week on a door hanger! One of my chickens jumped up and plucked a spider straight from its web last week! Oh dear.


  • Spiders seem to be everywhere at the moment, and they are really big and hairy. Love your scarecrow cusion.


  • Love your cushion. I do like cushions that make their own statement and she is so pretty in her own way too.


  • Love your cushion. Even though I am not big fan of scarecrow. I like yours.


  • Caroline says:

    I love your poem and the cushion is so sweet, the tale of Flora is so funny. Blackmoor Apple may pop along, never done this one and only 10 mins from me. enjoy your day.


  • Jill says:

    Lovely scarecrow – a village near to me holds a scarecrow gala each year, and children make their scarecrows and the best one wins. Great fun.



  • adaliza says:

    Would be lovely to see you – do say Hello. I’m supposed to be in the big barn!


  • adaliza says:

    Is that in Devon – there’s a village there with a scarecrow festival (no crows allowed)!


  • redneedle says:

    Gosh, that song brought back a few memories! I dread to think how many times I must have sung it with the boys and your cushion design perfectly captures it. Loved the spider story and your quilt looks fab too.


  • redneedle says:

    I sang that song many times with my two. A big favourite in our house and your cushion perfectly captures it. Very funny spider story and a fab quilt too.


  • RosMadeMe says:

    I love the scarecrow… nearly as much the spider fighting duck! One of the farms that I pass on my way into London has reintroduced scarecrows and I love seeing them solemnly standing their ground in the fields… usually with a pidgeon sat on their heads!


  • mcrafts says:

    I certainly love your scarecrow! 🙂


  • Zukiestyle says:

    lovely stories and lovely items! The spider made me chuckle!!x


  • A great post, I enjoyed reading it all, love your scarecrow. We also have a local scarecrow festival in one of the local villages, it’s great fun.

    Jan x


  • Martha says:

    Your scarecrow is fab! gosh you got a talent for those quilts! so jealous!
    i know the song, its fun, isnt it? kids at work sing it every year for harvest. x x x


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