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is where the heart is …


This is my home in Wales.  We moved here when I was 14 and I’ve always loved the place.  One of the main attractions for me was the promise of a pony of my own!  Prince was just 3 when we bought him and he lived to a ripe old age.   On Sunday mornings I’d bring him to the front yard and he’d stand, with his head over the stable door, watching lunch being prepared in the kitchen and waiting for titbits!

Nestling into the side of a rolling hill, ‘Home’ has stood here for over 250 years.  The walls are 2′ thick and there’s just one tiny window at the back to protect it from the draughty south-westerlies.


I’m intrigued by words and how their meanings differ as they are interpreted by individuals.  Earlier on I found a definition of ‘home’ …

“Home is a house or place where a person or family lives or where someone was born”

so by rights, this home isn’t my home at all.  I don’t live there any more and I wasn’t born there.  But despite living in our lovely home here in the south of England, this little cottage holds a special homely place in my heart.

Maybe it’s something to do with memories and possessions that make a house a home?   Many years ago, I put together a collage of photos for Mum & Dad.  Some have since slipped a bit, but to tell the truth, I rather like them lopsided and overlapping …

The family

All those memories of our little family at home – all those moments captured in an instant.

Home is definitely a special place, secure and loving with a glow that gets brighter when we imagine ourselves there or open the front door.  “Honey, I’m home!”

I don’t think you have to live there to know where it is and I hope it’s OK to have more than one!

Homes Sweet Homes – wonderful!

Adaliza x

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  • Calico Kate says:

    Lovely looking house/home! I so agree about having more than one ‘home’ that you love. I used to refer to ‘Home’ as being where I was staying at the time be it student digs or a tent. ‘Home Home’ always meant mum and dads before I was married and then wherever B & I are living.I Love old houses and the history of being a home in the past.


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